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UCLan Graduate to Marketing Executive

UCLan Graduate to Marketing Executive, The Write Angle

Some come to university with a specific career path in mind, whereas for others university can provide direction on what they want to do in life. Rosie is in the latter: she has skills and ambitions, but was undecided in what would be the best way to amply them. With a passion for the written word and impressed by the calibre of the linguistic academics, Rosie chose to study English Language and Literature at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan).

“I deliberately chose a degree with a broad subject matter as I wasn’t sure of my career path post university but I always knew I was going to do a master’s,” Rosie says.

During her time at UCLan, Rosie picked up a strong literal and critical thinking skill base. This has enabled her to build on her writing skills during her working life.

She adds: “Most of my funniest memories come from the long hours holed up on the top floor of the library writing our dissertations until four in the morning!”

Whilst at UCLan, Rosie also developed an interest in communications, and continued her development by studying a master's degree in Publishing, graduating in 2014. She then got an internship back with UCLan in the Press Office and events teams, before being successful in getting a permanent Events Assistant role at the University.

After working around two and a half years at the UCLan Rosie moved on to The Write Angle - a marketing and PR agency where she is Account Executive.

“I am involved in writing press releases, marketing support and producing marketing, social and web content for clients,” she explains.


When asked for any final words of wisdom, Rosie says: “Take your time thinking about what you would like to study, but that doesn’t mean that what you study at university will be directly related to doing what you love in your career – it’s building the skills that matter.”