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Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell came to UCLan on the back of enduring a difficult time at another university. However, three years later, Laura is on the verge of graduating after enjoying her time at UCLan far more than she ever thought she would.

Laura studies Psychology, something that was inevitable ever since she gained an incredible 100% in her Psychology A Level at college, and says her skills have developed greatly since coming to UCLan.

“I have developed immensely in all aspects of myself since attending UCLan,” Laura said.

“I loved that I was in university every day for a significant time, which was more than my previous university in comparison. I felt I was engaging more with my studies more and I also enjoyed having the choice of modules, as it made me feel as though I had a say in my own education.”

The transition from one university to another isn’t a very common step to take so understandably Laura was quite apprehensive at first. However, through the support of her tutors and peers she soon realised that she had nothing to worry about at all.

“Due to my negative experiences at my previous university I was particularly anxious about having to start afresh, especially as I didn’t know anyone and I was worried that I may have the same experiences as I did the previous year,” Laura said.

“The transition was much easier than I expected, which I believe is down to the fantastic staff and support base I was provided with before and upon my arrival. I was quickly introduced to an amazing group of friends who helped me greatly with settling into the university.”

It’s that same support system which Laura talks about the most about when discussing her time at UCLan, labelling the support and opportunities she has received at the university as ‘second to none.’

Outside of the course itself, Laura has gotten involved with numerous different things across UCLan. In her second year, she became a student ambassador whilst also taking the chance to become a research assistant within the Psychology department.

“Being a research assistant provided me with valuable insight and knowledge regarding research techniques which later assisted me with my own research in my third year dissertation project,” Laura said.

“Becoming an ambassador has also provided me with the opportunity of becoming a Mobility Support Worker over the past year, which has helped my personal and professional development immensely.”

With just a few months left until Laura graduates, she has started to plan for life after university and is hoping to gain work in the Preston area, and perhaps even at UCLan itself.

“I plan to gain a position within full-time employment, hopefully staying within the vicinity of Preston,” Laura said.

“I am currently looking into jobs within the university and several various graduate schemes, as I would love to stay within the UCLan environment due to my positive experiences to-date.”

Having experienced university life at two different institutions, Laura is in a better position than most to offer prospective students some words of wisdom. Her tips include making sure you take advantage of all the opportunities you get given and to never stop searching for more. 

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