Sustainable buildings and initiatives

UCLan is dedicated to reducing its carbon emissions and Estates Services are always looking for new and innovative ways that really make an impact.

If you have an idea, however big or small, please contact us via and let us know.

Carbon Management Plan

UCLan produced its first Carbon Management Plan (CMP) in 2007, this was upgraded in 2010. The latest CMP covers our strategy to reduce our carbon emissions for 2015-2020, find out more (.pdf 821kb)

The annual updates for the CMP can be viewed here:

Carbon Reduction Projects


  • LED lighting upgrade and controls to 20 flats in Ribble Halls of Residences
  • Replaced the traditional halogen performance lighting in Greenbank TV Studio, Media Factory Dance Studio ME020 and St Peters Arts Centre with LED equivalents.
  • LED lighting upgrade and controls to Adelphi TVI lecture theatre
  • LED lighting upgrade in Hanover HR104 and HR108
  • Replacing windows in Vernon Annexe
  • Replaced the push and turn taps in C&T with infrared sensor taps


  • LED lighting upgrade and controls throughout C&T Building
  • LED lighting upgrade in the Moot Court, Harris Building
  • Installation of 54 electricity sub-meters in Greenbank Building
  • LED lighting upgrade in Hanover Building
  • Installation of 9 water sub-meters in Whitendale Halls of Residence


  • LED lighting upgrade in the Opportunities Centre in the Student Union
  • LED lighting upgrade to Eden Halls
  • LED lighting upgrade to Adelphi conference centre
  • The hand dryers in C&T have been upgraded to more energy efficient models
  • LED lighting upgrade and controls in Vernon Lecture Theatre
  • LED lighting upgrade to Kirkham Building
  • LED lighting upgrade and controls in Harrington Lecture Theatre
  • Installation of an inverter and AHU controls to Brook Building Theatres
  • Upgrading external lighting outside the Library Building to LED
  • Purchase of 6 Compact Still units for the Labs
  • LED lighting upgrade and controls in all photocopier rooms across campus


  • LED lighting upgrades to Maudland corridors
  • LED lighting upgrades to Media Factory corridors
  • LED lighting upgrade to Vernon Galleries
  • LED installed in the CAS hubs in Foster, C&T and Greenbank

LED lighting upgrades in Victoria corridors


  • Greenbank building biomass boiler, burning woodchips instead of gas will save around 200t/CO2 per annum
  • Proximity air conditioning controls trial is currently being carried out in Brook building, to ensure the air conditioning switches off when the room is empty
  • LED lighting & controls installed within Darwin and Harrington buildings
  • LED lighting upgrades to Foster building corridors
  • LED lighting upgrade to the Atrium in the Student Union Building


  • Fume cupboard controls have been installed in Maudland building to reduce the amount of energy it takes to extract the air
  • LED lighting upgrades and controls have been installed across campus, including Greenbank, Harrington and Brook buildings
  • Lighting upgrades in C&T & Victoria building toilet areas
  • Various car park lighting across Preston campus has been changed to LED
  • Douglas Halls of Residence main corridor lights have been changed to LED fittings


  • Roeburn Halls of Residence corridor & stairway lights changed to LED
  • Bore hole installed at UCLan Sports Arena. Water is extracted from the ground, then used it to irrigate the pitches
  • Improvements made to Victoria and Vernon buildings air tightness to reduce the amount of draughts. Improving occupants comfort levels and reducing the amount of heat lost through the windows.
  • New efficient boilers installed in Adelphi building, phase II


  • Boiler optimisation controls fitted to various boilers on campus to reduce the amount of times the boilers switch on/off. Saving energy and reducing maintenance costs
  • Vernon building oil boilers removed & gas boilers installed. Carbon emissions are less for natural gas than they are for heating oil.
  • Heating zone valves installed Leighton to provide greater comfort to occupants and enable less disruption when maintenance on the system is carried out
  • Adelphi solar thermal installed, using the power of the sun to pre-heat the water used in the building
  • Foster building refurbishment work included new LED lights in the refectory & lecture theatres


  • Thermographic study carried out on Preston campus. This was carried out to check what heat loss, if any, was occurring through the building fabric
  • Insulation fitted to boiler rooms & radiator pipes across campus to minimise heat loss
  • New heating boilers & Combined Heat & Power (CHP) units installed at Harrington & Student Union buildings

Energy Policy and Strategy

UCLan’s Energy Policy and Strategy is endorsed by the Director of Estates Services. The Policy and Strategy demonstrates the University's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our energy demands.