Supportive Environment

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For many of us, University is the first time our children leave the family home, so we all want to know that they are going to be looked after and have somewhere to turn if they need to.  Here at UCLan, our students are supported at every stage of their application journey and during their time with us.  We can help from everything from anxiety and home-sickness to sorting out Council Tax!


We believe that sometimes the best person to give students advice and tips about how to get the most of the UCLan experience is another more experienced student who has been exactly where they have.  Our peer mentors can help with balancing work and social life whilst at UCLan and all our applicants have the opportunity to contact a mentor, even before they start university!


Preston Safe City

Preston has been awarded Purple Flag Status - here is the Pruple Flag logo

Preston is the best city in north-west England in which to live and work, according to a recent report* beating nearby Manchester and Liverpool in an annual assessment of the UK’s largest cities, that measures economic success and personal and family wellbeing, along with work-life balance.


We are also pleased to tell you that the Complete University Guide ranks the University of Central Lancashire amongst one the lowest areas in the North West for student-related crime.  UCLan operates a number of initiatives aimed at making it one of the safest city centre campuses in the country.  Students can call Campus Security 24 hours a day to deal with any problems and if they are working late in the library and live locally then there is a Free Late Bus service to get them home between the hours of 10pm and 4.30am.


Preston city centre is also officially still the best place to go for a night out in Lancashire. Preston was awarded Purple Flag status for the fifth year in a row for not only the safety, but the vibrancy and diversity of its evening and night time offering. Read more about the Purple Flag:

*published by the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the thinktank Demos

A Parent's Perspective

Robbie and his parents on his graduation - The University of Central Lancashire

Robert Dawson graduated in BA (Hons) Journalism 2014, his parents reflect on their main thoughts as he commenced his successful journey to university.

"Though we live just outside the city of Preston, Robby wanted to move out into the campus Halls of Residence to get the full UCLan experience.

Our main concern for Robby was what the University could do to help him manage his Type 1 Diabetes. We contacted the Disability Services team who were hugely supportive. They provided Robby with ground floor accommodation with emergency chord, his own fridge to store his insulin and special dispensation in exams in case he suffers low blood sugar levels.

Like any parent we were concerned about career for our child after University. Robby chose to study Journalism at the University - a course which we knew UCLan had a very strong reputation in developing talent but nevertheless can be a competitive career choice. Thankfully, the University was committed to helping Robby make the first step into his career.

UCLan Careers Advisors met with Robby to develop his CV and interviewing skills and soon after graduating he took a permanent position in the University Communications team writing University magazines and producing videos."

If your child has a pre-existing diagnosis or disability we would always encourage students to disclose that information during the admissions process. The relevant team within our Service will then make contact and outline the support available and make any reasonable adjustments as necessary. It is also important that an early application is made for the Disabled Student Allowance which will establish an assessment of needs and notify us of their recommendations.

Making Referrals and Confidentiality

As adults engaged in learning there is an expectation that a student is able to manage their own lives and live independently. Accessing support is therefore their responsibility and we cannot force an individual to meet with us or any other agency. However, we equally recognise that friends and family play a significant role in encouraging a loved one to seek help when they are ill or have an underlying disability or medical condition and so we would hope you have the confidence to refer them to us. If you do have any concerns you are welcome to contact us on 01772 893020 and we will do our utmost to follow up with your son or daughter as appropriate. You can also encourage your son/daughter to refer themselves for support via our Student Information Centre – The <i>, or through our online Starfish support system.

We recognise that when your son or daughter leaves home for University you are entrusting them to our care. Whilst we will always take our duty of care very seriously it is important that you recognise that legally we are bound to treat our students as adults. This means in practice that without the individual Student’s consent we are unable to discuss any aspect of their personal or academic life with you.

Where a student accesses any of the specialist services within UCLan Student Services, we will ask a student to complete a confidentiality form, outlining who we can share information with. This may include yourself as a parent, or other agencies such as specialist support workers. Such consent will still be limited to the support being offered and does not extend to wider academic issues.

One Stop Shop

Once they are here, our acclaimed student information centre (The <i>) is on hand to help students make the very best of their time at UCLan.

The <i> are their first point of call for advice and support on all aspects of University life.


Check out our wide range of student support services or why not pay us a visit and find out for yourself? If you’d like to receive regular information and advice for parents and carers about: The application process; coping with exams; choosing accommodation and flying the nest then sign up for our parents’ and carers’ newsletter email.