Is university worth it?

There are lots of reasons why it's worth going to university. Find out why university is still very affordable, regardless of your background or household income. And why you actually shouldn’t worry too much about the costs involved.  

The average cost of studying an undergraduate degree in England is now £9,250 per year, or £27,750 over three years. This amount doesn’t include living costs or accommodation. Clearly, choosing to go to university is a decision which no one should take lightly.  

We still firmly believe that going to university is worth it. University can be a positive, life-changing, transformational experience. That your child will benefit from for the rest of their lives. They'll not only gain a range of advanced skills to make them highly employable. They will also develop the self-confidence they need to unlock their potential and realise their ambitions. 

Why a degree is still the best investment your child can make for their future

  • Having a degree will make your child more employable. On average, 95.5% of our graduates move into employment or further study within six months of graduation.*
  • It will pay off over the course of their career. According to recent research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Graduates earn on average 20% more than non-graduates during their working life

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