Research within the ‘Nanomedicine and innovative technologies’ research group focuses on design and development of nanotechnologies and exploiting them to overcome various biological barriers for treatment of a range of human diseases including cancer, parasitic diseases (malaria), infection, dermatological conditions and biotechnological applications.

Nanotechnologies being investigated by team members include polymer micelles, dendrimers, metal, protein, polymeric, lipid and hybrid nanoparticles, nanocrystals, co­crystals, nanosuspensions, biocarriers and self­assembled peptides.

Research within the group also encompasses patient tailored 3D printing of medicine and innovative coating and taste masking technologies. The research spans following areas of development; pre­ formulation; formulation development; physicochemical characterisation; stability assessment and prediction; biophysical assessment, in­vitro and biopharmaceutical performance, cell interaction, transport mechanism; efficacy, pharmacokinetics and bio­distribution.

Our research covers multidisciplinary areas including material science, chemistry, pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, drug delivery, nanotechnology, molecular biology, biospectroscopy, biophysics, microbiology, medicine and dentistry with ultimate goal to develop novel, targeted and efficient treatment methods for patient care.

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