Free Speech, Equality and Inclusion

An inclusive, cohesive campus community

Recent global events have created and highlighted divisions in society and sadly given rise to instances of discrimination and harassment. There is no place at our University for these behaviours. We are proud to host a campus community comprised of many cultures, faiths, nationalities and beliefs. We value our richly diverse community and we take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

A University must uphold the rights to free speech and debate and we are proud that our campus community is a place where a range of views can be openly discussed. We believe that lawful and open debate is the right way for our students to challenge views with which they disagree. We have in place clear procedures and policies to ensure that free speech, debate and academic freedom are enabled, and that events promoting the free and open exchange of ideas can take place. Instances of hate crime, intimidation or otherwise attempting to prevent the free and open exchange of ideas will not be tolerated.

The University of Central Lancashire will continue to tackle intolerance in each and every form, and to work in partnership with faith groups, cultural organisations and other communities to eliminate all forms of harassment, hatred and intimidation. Our aim is to provide a safe and inclusive environment for staff, student and visitors, and to treat all with respect, understanding and an open mind.