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Choose a job you love!

BSc Biomedical Sciences (2009) and BDS Dentistry (2014)


During my Biomedical Science degree I spent one day a week doing work experience in a local dental practice and it was something I enjoyed,' explains Cerise.  'I knew of the BDS Dentistry programme at UCLan and knew it was something I would like to apply to.' She adds: 'I have always enjoyed the sciences and also caring for people. The facilities at UCLan are second to none so I had no hesitation in applying to study there again.'

After graduating Cerise went straight into her first job as a dentist in the NHS in Kent. 'Studying dentistry at UCLan gave me a lot of clinical experience which I think made the transition into my first job quite easy and not too stressful.' After spending a year working as a dentist, Cerise is moving on and has recently gained a job as a Dental Core Trainee in an Oral Surgery and Maxillofacial Department at a hospital in Kent. She will be supporting the staff on the ward and the consultants when in Theatre. In addition she will be working on call for the A and E department.

When asking about her greatest achievement since leaving UCLan, Cerise said: “Being offered my job in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department, as the competition was very high!”

As a final piece of advice to offer new students she says: “Do something you love, then it will never be a days’ work in your life! It’s never too late and you can never stop learning. It has been a long time studying and a lot of hard work but I absolutely love my job now and wouldn’t change it for anything.”