Anthony Smith's journey from a Film Production degree to becoming co-owner of a production company

Studying BA (Hons) Film Production in 2014

UCLan graduate, Anthony Smith, has given his production career a kick-start by setting up his own company, Red Pencil Productions.

Anthony chose to study BA (Hons) Film Production after hearing a lot of great things about the course. He was particularly interested in the feature film module that was taught in the second year. Anthony believed that UCLan was the perfect University to move away to and gain independence.

Following graduation in 2014, Anthony got a part-time job working at his old high school as an administration assistant, whilst also giving talks and helping GCSE and A-Level students studying Media Studies. During this time, Anthony and fellow alumnus, Joe McDonald, started a video production company called Red Pencil Productions, with the aim to raise the standards of corporate and commercial video in the North West. During this time, Anthony found work as a freelance director with a company called ADI.TV which meant he could dedicate more time to his own business in the beginning.

Anthony Smith studied Film Production BA (Hons) at University of Central Lancashire.
Anthony Smith studied Film Production BA (Hons) at University of Central Lancashire.

Anthony is currently Creative Director and co-owner of Red Pencil Productions where he uses his background in film to create the ideas needed to make businesses stand out online as well as at exhibitions and on TV through video. He also handles marketing for the company.

Lasting university memories 

Anthony has lasting memories of his time at UCLan, mainly the friends he made. He said: “I met a group of people in my first year, at halls, and still speak and see them today. They were there for the highs and the lows and have become close friends. The whole experience of moving away was one I will never regret.” About his degree course, Anthony further added: “The course gave us a lot of freedom, which meant that you could learn a lot from the library, lecturers and the modules.”

Speaking of the positive impact that his UCLan experience has had on his current status, Anthony expressed: “If I did not go to UCLan then I would not have the life I have now, nor the character traits to achieve it.”

Career path and opportunities

When asked what advice he would give to those wishing to follow a similar career path, Anthony stated: “The Film Production degree course can give you the opportunity to learn valuable skills, work with some future crew members, gain knowledge through the library and give you a chance to make film. When you graduate you still need to work unbelievably hard to achieve this dream."