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Paul Jones

Senior Lecturer in Professional Practice, Admissions Lead (BSc Paramedic Science)
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Paul works predominantly within the Paramedic course team here at the University of Central Lancashire. His interests in professionalism and continuing development take him across traditional professional and educational boundaries though. As a HCPC Registered Paramedic and an experienced academic, Paul has a wealth of knowledge and uses this to enhance the skills and professionalism of those who are applying for admission on to the programme and those who are on it. As a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Doctoral student, the Head of Endorsements for the College of Paramedics and an External Examiner, Paul is able to take numerous perspectives that benefit all.

Paul has published and presented on a number of topics over the years. It can be seen that his areas of interest and expertise lie in the professionalism of Paramedics and all associated requirements.

Current studies and publications continue to focus on leadership, practice education and continuing professional development. Further to this, he continues to expand the School's portfolio in terms of knowledge exchange with a number of projects relating to mental health and wellbeing.

From the historical memory of being a hospital porter to the place where Paul currently is, it is suggested that all of his roles have made him the person he is today.

Steadily working his way across the ambulance sector from a part-time care assistant transporting the elderly to day centres, to becoming an emergency technician supporting paramedic care and on to his own paramedic status, Paul has always looked to the next stage of his career in a linear fashion.
With paramedic status he developed in the role of Station Officer through a Trust development process before being offered the chance to become a qualified Training Officer. Once qualified, this gave Paul the chance to continue on this pathway when traditional training of paramedics moved to the higher education sector and he moved to join it. Starting as Clinical Skills Lead and then growing (professionally and academically) to become a Senior Lecturer.