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Andrew Sprake

Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education
School of Sport and Health Sciences

Andrew teaches across a range of areas in the Sport and Physical Education course, including the philosophical, pedagogical, political and socio-cultural dimensions of PE and Sport as well as research methods. Andrew is a qualified teacher of Secondary Physical Education and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, meaning he is uniquely positioned to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students aspiring to teach PE. Andrew is in the latter stages of his PhD, in which he is exploring Physical Education culture and creative pedagogy.

Andrew's work and research on Physical Education has been published in several academic journals and across various platforms, including the European Physical Education Review, the International Council of Sports Science and Physical Education, the Journal of Qualitative Research in Sports Studies, the International Federation of Physical Education (FIEP), The Conversation and PE Matters. Andrew is an Executive Committee member of the North Western Counties Physical Education Association (NWCPEA), where he makes valuable contributions to the regional development of PE. Andrew also holds a position as the English National Delegate for FIEP in which he makes an international contribution to the developments of PE. Andrew's commitment to providing high-quality Learning and Teaching has been recognised nationally and internationally, through various conferences, events and publications. This includes, but is not limited to, the Higher Education Academy, the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA), BETT, JISC, the Centre of Excellence for Learning and Teaching, as well as Microsoft Industry Blogs.

As a UCLan graduate himself, Andrew went on to complete his Initial Teacher Training in 2013 at Liverpool John Moores University, where he graduated with Distinction. From here, he became a Teacher of Secondary Physical Education and was soon given additional Teaching and Learning Responsibilities. Andrew was very keen to utilise the power of pupil voice to transform his teaching, something which eventually brought him back to UCLan. Now as a Lecturer in Sport and Physical Education, Andrew is undertaking a PhD focused on Physical Education culture and creative pedagogy, which is centred around pupil voice. Andrew is committed to providing high-quality Teaching and Learning. To this end, his work on feedback practices and digitally enabled learning has had a positive impact upon the Higher Education sector. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Association and is actively supporting various staff development initiatives, both within and external to the University.

  • PGCE in Secondary Physical Education, Liverpool John Moores University, 2013
  • BA (Hons) Sports Studies, University of Central Lancashire, 2012

Modules Taught

  • TL1106 - Introduction to Physical Education
  • TL1108 - The Evolution of Sport in Society
  • TL1109 - Physical Education and School Sport Event
  • TL2211 - Contemporary Social Issues in Sport
  • TL2212 - Physical Education and Sport Research Conference
  • TL3069 - Sport and Politics
  • TL3102 - Dissertation
  • TL3159 - Contemporary Physical Education & School Sport
  • Physical Education: philosophy and practice
  • Sociocultural Issues in Physical Education and Sport
  • Sociopolitical Issues in Physical Education and Sport
  • Research Methods
  • North Western Counties Physical Education Association
  • Association for Physical Education
  • Youth Sport Trust
  • FIEP
  • Higher Education Academy