Preparing for a university interview or audition

Well done on being invited to attend an interview on campus or via Microsoft teams.

We know interviews can be nerve-wracking, but we want to make your experience an enjoyable one. By viewing your work and meeting with you we can assess your suitability for the course.

The interview is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions to make sure we're right for you. On this page you’ll find some advice, what to expect on the day and as well as where to find your subject specific guidance.

Top tips for your interview or audition


If your interview is via Microsoft Teams

The day before your interview you'll receive an email with a calendar invitation for a Microsoft Teams meeting, this will specify your interview time.

All your interview and audition questions answered

Now that you’ve submitted your application it will be considered by our Admissions team. The time this takes varies by course, but we aim to let you know as soon as possible. Make sure you keep checking your emails and UCAS Track for updates. We may need to know a little more about you before making a decision. If this is the case, you’ll be contacted by email or via UCAS Track.

Entry criteria vary from course to course. Some require applicants to successfully pass an interview as part of the recruitment and selection process, in addition to achieving the required UCAS points. Our Admissions Team will contact applicants directly via email with guidance on booking an interview slot and what is expected on the day.

Interviews vary depending on the course you have applied for; some will take longer than others. For full guidance please refer to the notes you were provided on the original email inviting you to interview. 

To prepare for your interview please refer to the guidance that was sent in your original email asking you to book onto an interview. All the information you need for your specific interview will be explained in the guidance notes.

The guidance notes for your interview are attached to the original email asking you to book onto an interview slot and are not attached to any emails confirming your interview booking date and time.

You should try to cancel or rearrange your own booking first. When you booked your interview, you will have been sent a confirmation email, within that email are instructions on how to cancel. Once cancelled you can then use the booking link from your original interview invite to select a new date.

If you cannot cancel or rebook your own interview you will need to contact our admissions team directly on +44 (0) 1772 892444.

If there are no dates available or you are unable to cancel/reschedule your interview, please contact our admission team directly on +44 (0) 1772 892444.

All the information about your interview, what you need and what will happen on the day is found within the guidance notes attached to your original email asking you to book an interview. The guidance for your interview is only attached to the original email asking you to book an interview slot, and it not attached to the emails confirming your interview booking date and time.

Please read these to ensure you are fully aware of what is happening. If you have any other queries you can contact the admissions team on +44 (0) 1772 892444.

You will receive your individual Teams link via email and this may only be sent to you the day before the interview or the day of the interview. If you have not received it then please contact Admissions on  +44 (0) 1772 892444 and they will be able to help you.

Entry criteria vary from course to course, some require applicants to submit a portfolio of work or a recording of a performance as part of the recruitment and selection process, in addition to achieving the required UCAS points. This helps our Admissions Tutors to assess your eligibility for the course. You will receive guidance via email on what is required and how to submit.

We will aim to update you on the outcome of your interview as soon as possible. For courses with a limited number of places available we do have to interview all shortlisted candidates who submitted their application before the UCAS equal considerations deadline. As a result, it may be a few weeks before you hear back, please do not panic, our admission team will be in contact. Make sure you keep checking your emails and UCAS Track for updates.

If you have been offered a place after interview, please ensure you check any conditions of your offer carefully on UCAS track. Conditions may include providing colour photographs of original certificates for previously achieved qualifications by a specific deadline. Please note we do not accept provisional statements of results, results slips and scanned copies of certificates.

If you have been unsuccessful at you interview unfortunately this means you will not be made an offer for your chosen course. You will not be allowed to retake your interview or reapply for your course within the same academic year. The options available to you now are: You may have been offered an alternative course, these offers are usually linked to your original course choice and will often still lead you back onto you chosen career path. If you are unhappy with your alternative offer and wish to decline and reapply for your chosen course when UCAS opens for 2023 applications in September 2022.

As recruitment and selection criteria varies from course to course you may be required to attend an interview for each course. You will be sent separate invites for each course that you need to attend interview for, please remember which date corresponds to which course to minimise confusion and help you prepare to the best of your abilities. If you do not need to attend multiple interviews you will be informed of this via your UCAS Track or by email.

You can apply through our easy-to-use online application service. You will need your registration number ('G number') to apply for accommodation. You can apply at any time after we have opened our online application system as long as you have accepted our offer of a place on a course with us as your 'firm' choice. If we are your 'insurance' choice, you will receive information in August.

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