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Applicant FAQs

We know that there’s lots of information to take in when applying to university and some of the terminology may be unfamiliar. To help you we’ve pulled together some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), you can contact our friendly enquiries team who are happy to help.

Jargon buster

Not sure about the difference between a firm and insurance offer? Don’t know your myUCLan from your Student Portal? What’s Starfish? The terminology at university can be confusing, but our jargon buster can help you navigate the phrases we use at university. 

Frequently asked questions

Conditional offer – An offer to study here is based on you meeting certain conditions, usually academic but we will specify the grades you need in order to confirm your place.

Unconditional offer – This offer means that you’ve already met the conditions required to study with us, so the place is yours if you want it!

Once you’ve received all your offers and decisions from your chosen universities, you must choose two offers to hold as a first (Firm) and second (Insurance) choice.

Be sure to take time to consider all your options. If your offers are subject to achieving certain grades, choose ones that are realistically achievable. If we are your first choice university (Firm) and you meet the conditions of our offer, your place will be confirmed via UCAS. If we are your insurance choice university, but you meet the conditions of our offer, your place will also be confirmed via UCAS.

This is your first choice course/university. It may be a conditional or unconditional offer and universities usually refer to this as CF (Conditional Firm) or UF (Unconditional Firm).

This is your second choice, and is your back up to your Firm choice, in case you don’t meet the entry requirements of your Firm choice.

The reply deadlines are based on when you get the last decision from your university or college choices. Check UCAS Track to see your personal deadline.

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Offer received

Reply date

20 May 2021 10 June 2021 (except if you're using Extra to find a place)
6 July 2021 14 July 2021(including Extra choices)

More information about replying and undergraduate offers can be found on the UCAS website

Firm Offer Holders

Foundation Entry and Year 1 applicants - UCAS will notify us directly of all A level and BTEC examination results.

If you are taking any other examinations/qualifications which form part of your offer, please notify us of your results as soon as possible.

Please do not telephone the University with your results, you need to scan a copy and send it via email to – please ensure that on all correspondence you include your full name, UCAS 10-digit number, your UCLan University Registration number (usually starts with G) and the name of the course that you are holding a place on. Do not send us original certificates.

Year 2 and Year 3 applicants - Notify us of your results as soon as possible and forward a copy of your transcript of results.

Meeting the offer

If you meet the conditions of our offer your place will be confirmed automatically and an Induction Guide will be sent to you from the Admissions Office. An email will be sent to you asking you to confirm your acceptance on the course – please make sure you follow the instructions contained in the email.

Insurance Offer Holders

  1. If you meet the conditions of the firm offer you are holding, your place at that institution will be confirmed automatically by UCAS and your insurance offer will be withdrawn. We wish you every success for your future, and thank you for the interest you have shown in the University of Central Lancashire.
  2. If you do not meet the conditions of your firm offer you should contact that institution as soon as possible as they may still offer you a place.
  3. Should your firm offer not be confirmed but you meet the conditions of your insurance offer here, your place will be confirmed automatically by UCAS and we will send you an Induction Guide. You must also contact Student Finance England (or other regional funding body) to inform them of your changed circumstances in order for your student loan to be released. An email will be sent from us asking you to confirm your acceptance on the course – follow the instructions contained in the email.
  4. If both your firm and insurance offers are not confirmed then you will be entered into Clearing. If you need advice at this point, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clearing is a period in the admissions cycle that allows a student to apply for a course, should they be left without an offer following exam results or if they have changed their mind and asked to be released from an offer they were previously holding.

This service usually runs between July and September, although it is more commonly used by many following A Level results day. Due to COVID-19 this date is yet to be confirmed.

University of Central Lancashire courses holding vacancies will be listed on both the UCLan and UCAS websites. The vacancy list will change regularly so please keep yourself up-to-date during this period.

We ask that you contact us at the University first before referring your application to us via UCAS. You will need to provide us with your name, UCAS ID number and the name of the course that you are interested in.

We understand Clearing can be a stressful time for many students; therefore we aim to manage your enquiries sensitively and process all applications as promptly as possible. Should you want to find out more about Clearing process, please visit the UCAS website

If you don't know much about Clearing and would like to find out more about how Clearing works, we've put together a guide to help make the process easy to understand.

Normally course enrolment opens six weeks prior to your course start date. This is an online process and Admissions will send out instructions alongside induction material for your course. After enrolling online you will be able to access all university services and online resources. During this time you can also order your UCLan Student Card allowing you full access to all of our excellent facilities, including the Library and Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre.

Your tuition fees will be dependent on which course you choose to study and how you choose to study the programme. The fees are reviewed on an annual basis and the information for Home, European, Island and International based students can be found on our Fees and Funding section. Whether you are applying for courses at either undergraduate or postgraduate level, you may be entitled to bursaries, grants, scholarships or discounts so please read the information carefully to discover what you may be entitled to.

Yes. We do allow students the opportunity to defer their place at University to the next entry intake (some exceptions apply). You will need to request this option and provide us with your name, course, date of birth and your UCAS ID number/UCLan Registration Number. We ask that this request is made in writing, email format is accepted (