How to apply for medicine (MBBS)

Undergraduate study

Thinking about applying to study medicine at the University of Central Lancashire? We have put together some guidance to help you with your application.

This page covers everything you need to know when applying for our Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) programme, including:

Before you apply for MBBS

Think clearly about why you want to become a doctor and write a list of your reasons. It would be good to get these across in your application.

Where do you want to study? Whichever university you apply to, make sure you visit it, talk to the students and have a good look around the campus and city. Five years is a long time.

Things to think about

  • Other choices

    Don’t worry about applying to other universities and being judged for any of your other choices. It doesn’t matter if you also apply for a non-medical degree, as long as you can show a strong case for medicine.
  • Taking a gap year

    If you want to take a gap year then do so. Universities welcome students with diverse interests and a variety of experiences. It enrich everyone's experience.
  • Your background

    University selectors are not influenced by whether your parents are doctors, or what type of school you come from. They're focused on you as an individual.
  • Be positive

    Be positive about your strengths and share everything with us. If you get an interview, be confident and relax; it's your chance to showcase yourself. Don't be too shy to ask questions.
Are you an international student?

How to apply

UK applications are made via UCASUK medical school applications need to be submitted by October the year before entry. If you’re applying for September 2024, you will need to submit your application by 16 October 2023 at 6.00pm.

International applications can be made via UCAS or direct via our application portalWe accept direct applications throughout the year. However, you should apply as early as possible so that we can process your application in good time.

Our MBBS has a limited number of places available for UK students

Places for students from North West England
If you're a UK student, you'll only be eligible to apply for our MBBS if you currently live in North West England. This includes Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester.  If you take one of these places, you'll need to pay undergraduate tuition fees as normal. Your UCAT performance will be considered as part of your application. 

Four places for MBBS scholarships
We have four places available for those who receive the Mackenzie, Dr Kate Granger or Livesey Scholarships. 

Find out more about our MBBS

There are several stages to the MBBS admissions process:

Personal statement for MBBS

You should look at your personal statement in the same way as a job application. You should use it to provide evidence that you have the qualities required by a trainee doctor. Don't tell us what you think you're good at. Instead, give us examples of things you've done that show us what you're good at.

Your personal statement should cover the following:

Reference for MBBS 

In your reference, we want to know what your referee thinks about you as a whole person. We don't just want to know about your academic achievements and potential.

Your reference is likely to be written by your head teacher, college principal, head of year or form tutor.

The areas in which we require information from your referee are listed below: 

Interviews for MBBS

The interview stage takes place between December and April each year. This usually consists of a multi-station Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). For those interviews taking place at our Preston Campus you will also have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the School facilities.

Further information for MBBS

Our School values the positive impacts of disabilities and diversity on our MBBS programme. We welcome and encourage applications from all students. We offer guidance on diversity and disability, which you should look at before filling out your application.

Contact MBBS admissions

If you have any questions or worries, feel free to get in touch with us.