International Travel Bursary

For UK/EU Students

Please note this bursary will not be running in 2019/20

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UCLan offers an international Travel Bursary Scheme. The bursary is open to individuals or groups of undergraduate students (max 4) on particular courses. To be eligible for the bursary you must be able to demonstrate how an international experience will support your personal development and complement your area of study. The bursary can contribute to the cost of travel and accommodation.

Please note any nursing, midwifery or medical student must contact their school as they have their own application and deadlines. 

UCLan wants as many students as possible to have an International Experience and encourages full-time UK/EU undergraduate students to apply for the Travel Bursary Scheme which can be used towards funding an ‘International Experience’. Due to overwhelming demand we have made this a competitive process.

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  • Full-time undergraduate UK/EU students eligible for scheme
  • Panel selection process
  • Individual application required (but can be part of a small group travel project of up to four students – they cannot be part of a larger group or school led trip
  • Full costings must accompany any application, and the project must be supported by your course leader
  • Travel must commence between 1st Feb and 31st July. Travel must end by 31st July
  • Previously successful applications have been well researched and shown proof of own financial contribution, i.e. – personal fundraising
  • Health & Safety/Risk Assessment process to be followed prior to travel - compulsory attendance at workshop required.
  • Feedback in the form of a report, blog or photographs is mandatory
  • Successful Travel Bursary candidates from previous year’s schemes aren’t eligible to reapply
  • All paperwork to be completed prior to travel (except report, blog or photographs which should be submitted 14 days after you return from your trip)
  • It must not be a school-led visit


24th Sept 2018 - Launch of Travel Bursary
30th Oct 2018 - Deadline for applications
19th Nov 2018 - Panel Decision
23rd Nov 2018 - Applicants informed of decision on their application
Dec 2018  - Risk Assessment Workshop - attendance at one is compulsory (dates to be confirmed)
15 Jan 2019 - Deadline for all paperwork from successful candidates. Students who do not meet the deadline will not receive funding.

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Please download the application form and complete in full.  You will need to allow time to get your academic lead and your Head of School to sign the application before submitting.

Any incomplete applications will be rejected

Give as much information as possible on your application as this is a competitive process.

  • Provide as detailed as possible and itinerary of your trip
  • Your proposal should have as much details as possible including how it links to your area of study
  • You must provide details of approximately how much the trip will cost.  Don’t just put a figure attached screen shots of the costs.
  • You must get your course leader to approve your application and sign the form (electronic signatures are only accepted if they are accompanied by an email form the course leader)
  • You must get your Head of School to approve your application and sign the form (electronic signatures are only accepted if they are accompanied by an email form the course leader)
  • Late applications will not be accepted
  • You must attend one of the mandatory risk assessment workshops
  • Within 14 days of completing your trip you must submit an evaluation
  • Within 14 days of completing your trip you must submit receipts that total the amount of funding you have received. (airline tickets, train tickets, bus fare and accommodation costs)
  • Please be aware deadlines.

Download the Application Form

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Abigail West and Sarantoya Darjaa - Visit to China
Ariska Barbosa and Bethany Seddon - Visit to Los Angeles
Miriam Shellabear, Carolanne Yates, Andrea Kingsford & Holly King - Human Genome Conference
Ray Clarkson & Nathan Garnett
David Foster
Peter Burn
Maria Maletta, Daniel Goodrum & Karl Davies
Shannon Walsh