Training the future medical workforce of Lancashire and Cumbria

Medicine placements

Could your GP Practice support the training of the future medical workforce of Lancashire and Cumbria?

Since our establishment in 2015, we have enrolled over 1000 medical students (MBBS) and over 120 physician associate (PA) students. These students are being taught at our Preston, Burnley and Westlakes campuses.

Since graduating, many of our PAs are now employed throughout the region, helping to meet the demand for our local NHS services. All of our medical graduates have remained in the UK for foundation year.

As we are currently restricted to the number of places we can offer to UK students for medicine, we only accept applications from North West students, with the aim of encouraging the recruitment and retention of a local workforce.

We were delighted to learn that the government has granted us an additional 35 medical places for the academic year 24/5 bringing our total to 50 UK funded placements and two scholarship places. 

We are also an international School of Medicine, attracting some of the best global medical students to study in the region.

All our medical students will be eligible to join Foundation Training. 

Demand for UK medical training and employment is high, and we have grown at a rapid rate. We are currently looking for further GP Practices to support the training of the future workforce of Lancashire and Cumbria. We work with experienced training practices (and are happy for our students to attend where other medical schools have placements) but also welcome practices new to training medical students.

The development of our School is good news for the region and for the patients we serve. Future funded research and teaching opportunities will be a welcome addition to the area.

What we need from GP Practices

With MBBS students being placed in General Practice from Years 1 to 5 and PA students in years 1 to 4, there are lots of opportunities to become involved in medical education.

Teaching experience required

This is an ideal place for GPs that are new to formal education of students to start and for existing educators to start introducing students to the practice at an early stage (there is no restriction for our students to be in a practice where other medical school have placements).

Supervision required

The requirements of a GP Supervisor are to make sure there are appropriate learning arrangements in place and to offer formative support and assessment at the beginning and end of each module. All of the information needed can be found on this website and there is a dedicated team of GP Tutors who are willing to advise and support you every step of the way. 

What’s in it for the practice?

As a new, modern and innovative medical school, we aim to provide the very best in medical education.

The clinical placement team is led by a fun and enthusiastic group of local GPs. Why not be part of this exciting journey?

What's it like?

"Having med students at the practice was just as enriching for me as it was for them. They had a great enthusiasm for learning and made my day a whole lot more interesting. We’ve all got it in us to teach and it’s great to be able to harness that ability. It was really easy to start taking students and didn’t take much setup time or cause any disruption. Patients enjoyed being given time on their own with the student, who had time to fully explore their issues. The UCLan team are very helpful and approachable. I would definitely recommend it."

Dr Nili Gupta (GP Partner)

For further information please email:

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Dr Marie Martin: (MBBS)

Dr Kirstie Caine: (MBBS)

Dr Matthew Orr: (MBBS)

Dr Peter Dixon: (Physician Associate)

Dr Hazel Owens: (Physician Associates)