Dentistry structured event reporting form outcome

The purpose of the Outcome Form is to record what actions have been taken following the original event for which a SER form has been submitted. This allows us to demonstrate what measures have been put in place to address or rectify the situation and/or prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

An outcome form should be completed for all Level 1, 2 or 3 Professionalism or Safeguarding incidents. See the full dental SERF guidelines for guidance on when and by whom the outcome form should be completed.

Please contact the designated officer at if there are any queries.

The School of Dentistry, UCLan, has a duty of care to its staff, students and the patients with whom they interact. As a key part of this we need to record and manage any safeguarding and professionalism issues which occur. It is therefore necessary to hold, use and process the personal information contained in the submitted SER forms to meet these obligations effectively.

We may also contact you for additional information or clarification if that is necessary to manage issues appropriately.

Your personal information will be erased once the individual(s) involved are no longer employed by or studying at UCLan.