Sustainability, Business and Enterprise

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As part of the UCLan ambitious objectives for research excellence, knowledge exchange and impact, Sustainability, Business and Enterprise has been identified as one of the strategic research priorities.

Through our research we drive business growth, champion enterprise and promote sustainability. This is achieved through multidisciplinary collaborations, leading to the development of strong conceptual frameworks. Our work is relevant to the needs of business, the economy and wider society.

In particular we are engaged in collaborative research involving human wellbeing, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, production and consumption, risk management and business development.

Areas of Research Strength


Finance, Accounting & Banking

Finance, Accounting & Banking (FAB) coordinates the research interests of academics and students in accountancy, economics, finance, banking, business and management studies in both developed and developing countries. The main goals are to advance better understanding of challenges to inclusive and sustainable development and to frame viable practical solutions. To find out more please contact Dr. Zakaria Ali-aribi.

applied public health

Applied Public Health

Research in applied public health at UCLan spans elements of health protection and health promotion, including nutritional science and food safety and healthy settings. As well as the contributing to the University Research Themes above this area of research strength also feeds into the Sustainability, Business and Enterprise and People, Place and Environment Themes. To find out more please contact Professor Nicola LoweProfessor Carol Wallace or Professor Mark Dooris.

business and society

Economics, Business & Society 

Economics, Business & Society draws together research which explores the wider impact of business activity upon the wider society, whether via cooperative and public management, research engagement and leadership development with the local SME business community, the efficiency of supply chains, local economic and social development in the form of the ‘Preston Model’, and national/international policy formation in response to Brexit.  To find out more please contact Professor Yahaya Yusuf.

software engineering


This research area integrates scientific and technological expertise that is focused on important contemporary topics in Autonomy and Systems Integration, Digital Manufacturing, Intelligent Machines and Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, Clean Growth (including Waste Management) and Human Factors. To find out more please contact Professor Ian Sherrington

work and employment

Organisations, work and Employment

Organisations, Work and Employment aims to engage with stakeholders to help build a fair and equitable future of work. It is home to iROWE (the Institute for Research into Organisations, Work and Employment), it disseminates high quality research and engages with key organisations such as the TUC, ISBE, CIPD, ACAS, the RSA and Government to inform the development of effective workplace practice and employment policy.   To find out more please contact Dr Adrian Wright.


Tourism, Hospitality and Events

Tourism, Hospitality Events research has two broad areas. Firstly, the Institute for Transport and Tourism (ITT) undertakes applied research into transport and sustainability, whilst other work explores the relationship between tourism and (sustainable) development in the developed and developing worlds. Secondly, research addresses the socio-cultural dimension of tourism and the tourist experience, most notably the phenomenon of dark tourism under the auspices of the internationally recognised Institute for Dark Tourism Research (iDTR).  To find our more please contact Professor Richard Sharpley.


UCLan Research Centres

UCLan Research Centre for Business, Management and Enterprise

UCLan Research Centre for Energy, Sustainable Development and Resilience

UCLan Research Centre for Engineering

UCLan Research Centre for Smart Materials

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