Stroke Research Public Engagement Group

Institute for Applied Health and Wellbeing (LIFE)

Our stroke Public Engagement Group (PEG) connects researchers with our local community, including people with lived experience with stroke. The aim of the group is to ensure our stroke research is meaningful and relevant to society.

What is public engagement?

Public engagement in research means that the public are involved in planning and doing research, and communicating results.

Public engagement can include patients, carers, service users, charities, community groups, policymakers, businesses and industry.

Why do we engage?

Public engagement is vital to our stroke research at the University of Central Lancashire. Our research is strengthened when we include people from outside the university in a process of shared learning.

How do we engage?

1. Public Engagement Group (PEG)

The stroke PEG is an opportunity for patients, the public and researchers to meet and shape our research.

The Stroke PEG is a group of patients, carers, the local community, researchers and clinicians working together to improve the care, support and treatment for people affected by stroke. The group is collaborative and mutually supportive, promoting authentic patient and public involvement in research.

Would you like to get involved? All you need is an interest in health and social care research, some time to spare and a willingness to share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Why not get in touch with us by email to find out more?

2. Events

Our Stoke Research Team connects with local communities through various events showcasing our research and providing information on stroke. For more information please visit our Stroke Research Team page.



Research participant's privacy notice

For information regarding our public engagement privacy notice, please visit the Privacy notice.

Academic team

Professor Dame Caroline Watkins
Professor of Stroke and Older People Care
Professor Maree Hackett
Professor of Epidemiology
Dr Steph Jones
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Rachel Stockley
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Kathryn Jarvis
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Clare Gordon
Senior Research Fellow / Nurse Consultant
Dr Clare Thetford
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Emma Bray
Senior Research Fellow
Dr Elizabeth Boaden
Senior Research Fellow
Colette Miller
Research Fellow
Dr Malcolm Auton
Research Associate
Kulsum Patel
Senior Research Assistant
Dr Hazel Dickinson
Senior Lecturer