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Dr Malcolm Auton

Research Associate
School of Nursing

Mal plays a key role in the development and delivery of training materials for a Stroke Team research project. This is training NHS staff to deliver a cognitive therapy (Motivational Interviewing Based Intervention MIBI) to stroke survivors. In addition, Mal will monitor and supervise the trained staff as they deliver the intervention in a multicentre clinical trial, as well as contributing to data collection, analysis and dissemination of our findings via academic journals.

Training: Development of training materials and user manual. Deliver training and support other trainers. Monitoring and supervision Regular monitoring exercised with trained staff to ensure fidelity of the MIBI delivery Remote supervision of trained staff to encourage, support and sjill development Research Analyses of voice files and transcripts Dissemination Contribute to writing, reviewing and publication of journal articles

Since 2000, Mal has worked on many stroke related research roles. These have included two clinical trials delivering Motivational Interviewing (MI), as a delivering therapist and trainer/supervisor. Mal was part of a team that was trained to deliver MI by an external expert and has delivered talks on MI aspects and our research to national and international audiences. He was also part of a consultative team that worked with researchers from Emory University Georgia USA, to help their therapists deliver MI to patients recently diagnosed with AIDS. Mal reviews submissions for a number of stroke and rehabilitation journals.