Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (JHI)

Our Mathematics research covers a wide range of pure, applied and education focused maths.

Current research interests are in combinatorial aspects of algebra, in functional analysis and its interactions with algebra and group representations, and in model theory.

In applied mathematics, members are interested in mathematical acoustics, including analytical techniques in aeroacoustics, underwater acoustics, and loudspeaker design.

We have members researching pedagogy and mathematics education, in particular fostering engagement and mathematical resilience, from primary school to HE and adult learners returning to education.

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Research academics

Dr Christopher Powles
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
School of Engineering and Computing

Dr Chris Powles has been a lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Central Lancashire since January 2011, and has been course leader for mathematics courses since August 2016. Between 2004-2011 he worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, …

Timothy Walton in a red shirt and glasses smiling
Dr Timothy Walton
Course Leader for BSc (Hons) Mathematics
School of Engineering and Computing

Tim teaches across a range of disciplines, broadly developing mathematical skills for their application to real-world problems. This is informed by his scholarly activities where Tim, utilising his background in physics, applies advanced mathematical techniques to understand a ra…