Food assessment at HMYOI Hindley

Prisons and Probation

Building on earlier regional development work co-ordinated by the Healthy & Sustainable Settings Unit and funded by the Department of Health and NW Prison Area Office, this project aimed to undertake a broad-based food and nutrition assessment to enhance HMYOI Hindley’s contribution to public health and health promotion.

The remit of the research was to assess the characteristics of food provision at HMYOI Hindley and explore how could this be changed to achieve positive public health benefits.

Using a literature review and focus groups with juveniles, young offenders and staff, the objectives were:

  • to undertake a literature review
  • to scope and report on current policy drivers and specific initiatives relevant to HMYOI Hindley and its wider food-related public health role
  • to undertake an internal scoping exercise to identify supportive programmes and education opportunities in relation to the promotion of healthier eating and skills development [e.g. budgeting]
  • to carry out a comprehensive nutritional analysis of menus for young offenders and staff
  • to carry out an inclusive consultative process with juveniles, young offenders and staff, in order to prioritise needs in relation to food and public health impact
  • to liaise across prison departments and with the local PCT, National and Area catering advisors and other partner organisations in order to ensure integration and maximise synergy between HMYOI Hindley and other local initiatives
  • to present findings in the form of a costed action-development report.