Interactive Newsprint

Media Innovation Studio

Interactive Newsprint worked together with people in communities from Preston and beyond to experiment with a brand new technology called interactive paper.

Researchers from UCLan, Dundee and Surrey want to find out whether interactive paper could become a really interesting way of telling news stories or giving out information about what’s happening in the local community: and potentially create a new platform for community news. The project ran between 2011-2013.


  • Winner of the EPSRC 'Telling Tales of Engagement' grant.

Public Outputs

  • Appeared at SxSW festival in Austin, Texas (2012 and 2013)

  • Shown at news:rewired conference (November 2012)
  • Named as one of netexplo's top 100 global innovations (2012)
  • Presented at Unbox festival, Dehli (2013)
  • Presented at ICMC Conference, Porto (2012)
  • Appeared at BBC's Connected Communities conference, Salford (2012)
  • Exhibited at London Design Festival (2011)


Interactive Newsprint: Digital paper in action

Project Staff

John Mills

Collaborators and Partners

  • Jon Rogers, University of Dundee
  • David Frohlich, University of Surrey
  • Kate Stone, Novalia