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Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

UCLan has developed a research-led culture within the field of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences based on a multidisciplinary approach, with thematic research focused on areas of importance in biomedicine, pharmaceutical sciences and practice.

Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


UCLan enjoys excellent research facilities, including a comprehensive suite of laboratories housing state-of-the-art equipment for cell biology, imaging, molecular biology and pharmaceutics, areas of research include:


Brain Tumour Northwest (BTNW) is a unique, strategic alliance between UCLan and other universities and NHS institutions across the North West, enabling a multidisciplinary approach to defeating this devastating form of cancer. Current projects extend from the molecular to clinical application and outcome.

Pharmaceutics: drug design, analysis and delivery

UCLan research in pharmaceutics aims to develop new nanocarriers and materials for the delivery and targeting of therapeutic agents in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, cancers, infections, asthma and diabetes. There is a keen interest in both the design and synthesis of new chemical entities which have proved to have promising biological effects in a variety of therapeutic areas. Specific areas include cancer, and the methods used to deliver drugs more efficiently to their biological target.

Membranes, membrane proteins and peptides

Research ranges from fundamental investigations of how molecules (including more complex molecules such as antimicrobial peptides) interact with biological membranes, the structures and functions of membrane proteins including ligand and inhibitor binding studies, to membrane studies in relation to nanoparticle design for drug delivery, including the use of polymeric and lipidic systems. Studies are leading to the development of therapies for a range of diseases including cancer, dermatological conditions and infectious diseases

Neuronal and tissue dysfunction

The research involves studying the molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter release with the ultimate goal of deciphering the precise reactions and components that participate in this complex process.

Pharmacy practice

The academic team share an interest and expertise in the evaluation of community pharmacy health services, including weight control clinics and alcohol services, and in student professionalism. The team also has interests in the social and ethical implications of healthcare provision, particularly related to inequalities in access to health care.

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BTNW enables access to a comprehensive range of research facilities and rare tumour material, as well as consolidation of expertise. International collaborative programmes are being developed, including the Medical School of the University of Athens and the Children’s Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.

Current research programmes utilise a number of techniques from computational molecular modelling and syntheticorganic chemistry, to optimising the delivery of established drugs using novel dendrimer scaffolds, liposomes and other nanocarriers. This group also has strong interests in the controlled release of drugs, the enhancement of drug solubility and developing new analytical methods of drug formulations. Collaboration exists with international institutions, particularly universities in China.

Research in neuronal and tissue dysfunction is providing evidence that some of the components participating in this process fail or work inappropriately in certain neuronal disorders including both neurodegenerative diseases and psychiatric illnesses.

The Pharmacy Practice Group is developing research in the provision of pharmacy-based services, and explores the social and ethical implications of developments in healthcare. Projects are developed with the aim of influencing pharmacy policy and practice.

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