COUNTER Project: EU FP7 - 217514

The COUNTER Project aimed to generate new multidisciplinary knowledge about counterfeiting, piracy and filesharing by examining its psychological, social, legal, business and cultural dimensions. Developing a more holistic overview of the complex set of involved issues is a significant challenge, but can provide important insights which inform industry actions and evidence-based policy at the European, national and international level.

The key objectives of the Project were to:

  • Map the complex ecosystem of industry, governmental and other involved stakeholders at the national, European and international level, and their perceived current challenge and activities, in order to identify best practice in challenging counterfeiting, piracy and filesharing.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour to inform the development of more effective educational strategies, and provide consumers with an opportunity to voice their concerns about the involved issues. 
  • Contribute towards innovation in the development of legal channels for the online distribution of media content as a potential strategy for reducing levels of filesharing. 
  • Examine the legal challenges associated with the increasing popularity of user-generated content, particularly the use of copyrighted content in the creation of new cultural products.
  • Consider the cultural implications of user-generated content, the challenges of digitisation for cultural heritage institutions, and wider educational implications of web 2.0 for education.

Further information about the project can be obtained from Dr Jo Bryce:


Project Lead

Dr Jo Bryce (Project Coordinator)

Project Staff

Dr Neil Horton

Jennie O’Hara

Elizabeth Meehan

Hayley Limmer


Dr Elfriede Penz & Dr Eva Hofmann, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Austria.

Dr Maria Lillà Montagnani & Dr Maurizio Borghi, Università Commerciale ‘Luigi Bocconi’, Italy.

Dr Irena Vida, Dr Domen Bajde, Barbara Culiberg & Mateja Kos Kokli, Univerza V Ljubljani, Slovenia.

Professor Eva Hemmungs Wirtén & Marianne Dahlén, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden.

Clients or Funders

European Commission Framework 7

Selected Publications

Bryce, J., Limmer, H., & Horton, N. (2011). Purchase of Counterfeit Goods in Europe. Deliverable D14 for the European Commission FP7 COUNTER Project.

Bryce, J., Limmer, H., & Horton, N. (2011). Consumer Perspective on Illegal Downloading in Europe. Deliverable D33 for the European Commission FP7 COUNTER Project.

Bryce, J. (2010). Report on Consumer Attitudes in Europe. Deliverable D22 for the European Commission FP7 COUNTER Project.




Bryce, J. (2011). Invited address. Consumer Perspectives on Counterfeit Goods and Filesharing: The Challenge of Change. 5th Session of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Team of Specialists on Intellectual Property (TOS-IP), Geneva, 9 July.

The COUNTER Project International Conference, Manchester, 22-24 March 2010.