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The Institute for Logistics and Operations Management research focus is in the five key areas of: strategic operations management; enterprise information systems; performance measurement systems; supply chain management; and logistics and transportation systems.

Expertise and Subject Areas

In strategic operations management, our interest lies in the design and operations of lean and agile organisations, virtual business organisations, the extended enterprise, business and industrial clusters, capabilities inhibitors, enablers, acquisition and deployment; quality deployment and management. The link between operations capabilities and product needs in the marketplace; analysis and design of responsive operations systems; and international operations practices and comparative studies.

Our work in enterprise information systems is on implementation, operational performance and strategic use of ERP, APS and other operations planning and execution tools; and implications of e-commerce on enterprise responsiveness and supply chain agility. Other strands of work in information systems undertaken within the institute are e-business, e-banking and identity theft in online environment and prevention.

The current research of the institute in performance measurement systems include investigations of metrics as drivers of enterprise performance, diffusion of established enterprise performance metrics in the supply chains and the development of predictive performance measurement framework, models, methods and tools.

In supply chains management, we are interested in agile and sustainable supply chains, particularly in the oil and gas industry, supply network dynamics and alignment; chains relationship management; and supply chains responsiveness and agility.

In logistics and transportation, work is on-going on integration and application of navigation and tracking technologies, such as RFID, to extant problems and challenges in agile supply chain engineering and management.

Events and News

Forthcoming seminars

Tijjani Abubakar, UCLan
A study of market-driven sustainability in the Oil and Gas industry

Gwendolin Geier, UCLan
The implementation of integrated enterprise systems - Critical success factors


Associate Members

  • Associate member - Tijjani Abubakar
  • Associate member - Al-Amin Dabo
  • Associate member - Adenike Omotayo-Johnson
  • Associate member - Navin Changrani
  • Associate member - Nadeem Bokhari
  • Associate member - Mailto Abdullah