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Centre for Sustainable Development

The Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) was established in 2009, as part of the University’s strategic investment in research excellence to reinforce its position as a leading research and knowledge transfer institution in England’s North West. The CSD is directed by Professor Jack Goulding.


CSD’s vision is to conduct world-class research in the field of Sustainable Development and continue to build on its international recognition, which makes the Centre the partner of choice for government bodies, industry, universities and research organisations.


The Centre is based in the School of Engineering and acts as a bridge between the relevant disciplines of the School in sustainability research and study, while also interfacing with other research centres and schools across the University. The centre benefits from working alongside and interchangeably with government, business and other research institutions; to maximise commercial and societal research impact and maintain effective knowledge transfer activities. This approach recognises the cross-disciplinary nature of the sustainability agenda while acknowledging that sustainability is people-focussed and should engage society at local, national and international levels.

Strategic Viewpoint

Sustainability is one of the core themes of the Medium Term Strategy for UCLan and is at the heart of UCLan’s teaching and research agendas. UCLan is one of the few universities in the UK to hold the prestigious carbon reduction standard awarded by the Carbon Trust. It achieved a First Class award in the People and Planet Green League, 2011. The University also achieved ISO14001 certification for its Environmental Management System and CSD is proud to be part of the UCLan sustainability success story.

Future Perspective

Impact indicators form a pivotal part of the CSD’s current and future strategy, because they help to identify the potential trajectories of the impact and outreach of its research agenda. Indicators are adjusted in line with current thinking, trends highlighted by market drivers, changes in stakeholder emphasis, and direction of priority research calls. Maximum research dissemination is achieved through numerous conduits, including via local, national and international businesses and communities. CSD is outward facing which means that it addresses societal and corporate needs (in a meaningful way) to maximise sustainability research.

Exploring CSD Further

The 'drop-down' web pages below will give you a tour of CSD and more detail of what we are about. Please do also use the following hyperlinks, to view a sample of research projects that have recently been completed by some of our experts. This is but an illustration of the research we undertake, feel free contact us for further information.

CSD Newsletter

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Expertise and Subject Areas

CSD is structured around three principal research themes: i) Environmental Management, Performance and Politics; ii) Construction Management and Economics; and iii) Architectural Planning and Design. The combined output of these has a direct positive impact on a range of stakeholders that include industry, professional practice, academia, the public sector, influential policy makers, and designated end users. Societal engagement is also a fundamental tenet of our work. A detailed breakdown of our research themes is as shown in the following Figure. Centre for Sustainable Development research themes 

Environmental Management, Performance and Politics

  • Waste management
  • Renewable energy
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Restoration of ecosystems
  • Environmental policies/planning
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable engineering

Construction Management and Economics

  • Procurement, PFI and PPP
  • Risk management
  • Construction economics
  • Building information modelling
  • Health and safety
  • Visualisation/simulation
  • Facilities management
  • Healthcare
  • Lean/sustainable technologies
  • Construction history


Architectural Planning and Design

  • Sustainable and inclusive design
  • Ageing
  • Conservation and regeneration
  • Urban design
  • Town planning
  • Socio-psychological innovation in design teams
  • Building technology
  • Low carbon solutions


For more information about the Centre for Sustainable Development please read our Brochure



CSD Events

The CSD recognises and fully endorses the cross-disciplinary nature of the sustainability agenda, and our team of researchers and PhD students are truly multidisciplinary. Sustainability involves a number of important areas not least; the natural sciences, design, environmental issues, engineering, social sciences, health and economics. CSD organises, hosts and leads International Conferences. CSD members have also been involved in the organisation of other research conferences and symposia, including the Association of Researchers in Construction Management’s annual conference (ARCOM), the RICS COBRA annual conference, and the COST Symposium on Investigating Cultural Sustainability. A series of workshops and seminars are also run by CSD members, supported by a range of professional bodies, local authorities, commercial organisations and industry.

Conferences and External Events

CIB World Building Congress 2016

Prof. Jack Goulding has been invited to Co-Chair the CIB World Building Congress 2016 in Tampere, Finland from 30th May to 3rd June.

Jack is responsible for “Creating built environments of new opportunities”, which includes themes involving infrastructure networks, competitiveness, investments, security and multidisciplinary solutions.

For more details about the event go to ; the twitter hashtag is #WBC16 and the account is @WBC16_


The CSD Seminar Series provokes comments and debate on issues surrounding Sustainable Development. Previous subjects include:

  • Building Information Modelling
  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Offsite Manufacturing
  • Virtual Reality and Visualisation in Construction
  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Climate change

Engagement and Outreach

A number of research areas of CSD have received both national and international recognition. CSD members have notably been invited as keynote speakers at national and international conferences, received prestigious awards and are regularly being interviewed in the media. The Centre has also hosted staff from Africa, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Russia, New Zealand, and the USA.

Key outreach events include:

    • Professor Gary Holt presented an inaugural lecture on Construction Equipment Evolution at Birmingham City University, UK 2012.
    • Professor Jack Goulding and Renuka Thakore were invited expert panel members at the 2nd International Conference on Socio-Political and Technological Dimensions of Climate Change conference in Malaysia 2012.
    • Chris O’Flaherty presented his work through the University’s high exposure public Guild Lecture series in 2012.
    • Dr. Umit Isikdag gave a keynote on Building Information Modelling at a high profile UCLAN industry event in 2012.
    • Professor Jack Goulding gave a keynote address on Innovation in Construction at Beykent University, Turkey in 2011.
    • Dean of School Professor Akintola Akintoye received an award for his contribution to the construction industry at the 2011 Plant and Equipment Management Innovation Conference (PEMIC) in Birmingham in 2011.
    • Professor Jack Goulding was invited to be an expert panel member at Energy and Carbon Efficiency in Construction, Eric Wright/CIRIA, Preston, UK, 28 November 2011.


      CSD is extremely active on the world academic stage. Its members have authored and published several books, over 100 refereed academic journal articles, and presented in excess of 200 papers at national and international conferences over the last four years. Many CSD staff are also Editors of several leading journals in the field. Please see below for a selection of publications from the Centre for Sustainable Development.

      Journals Edited by CSD Members

      • Construction Innovation is an international journal which provides high quality technical papers on current developments within the construction industry on a worldwide basis. Special emphasis is placed on innovation (information, process, and management). Construction Innovation is a CIB Encouraged Journal.

      • The Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction provides an international forum which brings together theoretical and practical developments and new thinking in the financial management of property and construction. The journal also presents a platform for the exchange of ideas in relation to cost implications of sustainability issues. The journal is a CIB Encouraged Journal.

      • Prof. Goulding and Dr Pour Rahimian have been selected as Guest Editors for a Special Issue in IJAR of AEC design visualisation and integration. This presents new theoretical and practice signposts for future research in AEC Design Visualisation. For further details, please see

      • Dr Wafaa Nadim and Prof. Jack Goulding have been selected as Guest Editors for a Special Issue in SASBE titled “A smart future for a rapidly urbanising Africa: sustainable integrated approaches for the built environment”. This is particularly pertinent, considering the COP21 agenda and agreements secured in Paris. For further details, please see

      Selected Books Authored / Edited by CSD Members

      • Two CSD Members, Professor Akintola Akintoye and Professor Jack Goulding, in collaboration with Dr. Girma Zawdie from the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, co-authored the book titled ‘Construction Innovation and Process Improvement’. This edited book, published by Wiley-Blackwell, provides an essential insight into the impact of innovation within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sectors. It highlights a number of important innovation initiatives, concepts and applications for delivering competitive advantage using research and practice from different countries and contexts.

      • Associate Member, Professor Tom Woolley’s new book, ‘Low Impact Building: Housing using Renewable Materials’ is now out, published by Wiley-Blackwell. This book focuses on the way we build houses to reduce their ‘carbon’ footprint and help minimise environmental damage. The book explains how this can be achieved by reducing the energy and environmental impact of materials and resources used to construct buildings; and, by choosing alternative products and systems.

      • Members of the CSD collaborated on the following publication - Brown, M., Akintoye, A., and Goulding, J.S., (2013), Public Private Partnerships: Towards New Innovative Collaborations, Centre for Sustainable Development, Grenfell-Baines School of Architecture, Construction and Environment, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK ISBN: 978-1-901922-93-6. For purchase please contact Jack Goulding in the CSD Office on 01772 89 4213 (School of Engineering).

      • Prof. Akintoye has published a new book on Public Private Partnerships. This presents a global perspective on PPP, supported by 21 case studies. For further information, please see Amazon.


      Proceedings and Special Issues in Journals edited by CSD members

      • Proceedings of 9th International Detail Design in Architecture Conference
        Edited by: Akintola Akintoye, Jack Goulding, Farzad Pour Rahimian, David Brindley and Stephen Emmit
        ISBN: 1901922766

      • Proceedings of 1st International Conference on “Revisiting the Socio-Political and Technological Dimensions of Climate Change
        Edited by: Celine Germond-Duret, Jack Goulding, Farzad Pour Rahimian and Akintola Akintoye
        ISBN: 1901922790

      • Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on “Revisiting the Socio-Political and Technological Dimensions of Climate Change
        Edited by: Farzad Pour Rahimian, Rahinah Ibrahim, Jack Goulding and Abang Abdullah Abang Ali
        ISBN: 9789679603279

      • Proceedings of the Public Private Partnership Body of Knowledge Conference (‘P3BooK’)
        Edited by: Akintola Akintoye, Champika Liyanage and Jack Goulding

      Internal and External Communication

      Selected Reports

      • The CIB Task Group TG74, led by Professor Jack Goulding, Director of CSD, launched a roadmap for future research through the International Council for Research Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB). This document sets out the background and scope of contemporary offsite manufacturing globally, discussing the state of the art and the main challenges to its implementation that are faced today.

      Latest CSD Newsletters

      Other Newsletters

      • North West Construction Knowledge Hub (NWCKH) Newsletter
      • University Research Newsletter
      • School Research Newsletter
      • Sustainability Supplement

      'Integrated Architectural Design'


      Dr. Farzad Pour Rahimian was featured in the Winter 2016 edition of BreakThrough magazine talking about being a Guild Research Fellow and about his research into Integrated Architectural Design (Pages 10 - 13).

      Events and News

      CIB World Building Congress 2016

      Events that we are organising or have been asked to take part in, both nationally and internationally will be listed here.

      Prof. Jack Goulding has been invited to Co-Chair the CIB World Building Congress 2016 in Tampere, Finland from 30th May to 3rd June.

      Jack is responsible for “Creating built environments of new opportunities”, which includes themes involving infrastructure networks, competitiveness, investments, security and multidisciplinary solutions.

      For more details about the event go to ; the twitter hashtag is #WBC16 and the account is @WBC16_

      ‘Working Commission W121’

      Prof. Jack Goulding has been appointed Joint Coordinator of a new Working Commission W121 on offsite manufacturing. This is a high profile activity which will look at new business models, process integration, design decisions and supply chain synergies etc. The CIB recognised the importance this has on the global community, citing TG74's roadmap as a strong foundation.

      This Working Commission will focus on high impact, high value issues on offsite implementation; acting as formal conduit for promoting offsite as an important research area among new and early career researchers. Knowledge creation, exchange and dissemination will concentrate explicitly on impact and outreach.

      For further information, please visit the CIB World website

      Courses and Postgraduate Study

      The CSD continues to consolidate the instrumental role that it performs in the cutting-edge development and effective knowledge transfer of sustainability issues. An exemplar of this is the bespoke teaching and learning module that it developed on present Issues in Sustainability; which due to its success has also been made available as a University Certificate. The CSD contributes research driven subject-specialist knowledge to many other university teaching and learning modules; across many courses and at a variety of award levels. These include:

      • Sustainable Futures
      • Sustainable Development in the Built Environment
      • Building Technology
      • Tectonic Design
      • MSc Building Conservation and Regeneration

      The Centre’s researchers and allied professionals from a number of related disciplines, also deliver specialist presentations on key issues of our time; with a view to reinforcing a common set of shared academic and theoretical principles, as well as practical ideas about how they may be put into real world practice and hence achieve tangible impact.

      Courses underpinned by sustainability within the School of Engineering are listed below.

      Associate Members

      Dr Andrey Benuzh, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Russia

      Derek Deighton, Managing Director at Trailblazer Business Futures, UK

      Volkan Ezcan, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey

      Dr Basil Germond, Lancaster University, UK

      Dr Celine Germond-Duret, Liverpool John Moores University, UK

      Dr Sachie Gunatilake, Associate Fellow

      Kathrine Haworth, Managing Director at KH Environmental Design Ltd

      Professor Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

      Dr Sharifah Mazlina Syed Khuzzan, International Islamic University, Malaysia

      Professor Joanna Kostecka, University of Rzeszow, Poland

      Dr Wafaa Nadim, The German University in Egypt

      Dr Suresh Renukappa, University of Wolverhampton, UK

      Professor Dr. Mirosław Skibniewski, University of Maryland, USA

      Gill Swan, Practicing Architect, Australia

      Professor John E. Tookey, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

      Dr Abimbola Windapo, University of Cape Town, South Africa

      Martin Brown, Fairsnape

      Professor Anil Sawnhey, Amity University, India

      Asitha Jayawardena, The Sustainable University One-stop Shop and the Planetshire University Model

      Dr Nicholas Chileshe, University of South Australia, Australia

      Dr Margaret Nelson, University of Bolton, UK

      Dr James O.B. Rotimi, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

      Research Students

      Sepehr Abrishami [Research summary]

      Oladapo Victor Atere [Research summary]

      Lee Crompton

      Isaiah Oluremi Durosaiye [Research summary]

      Gloria Ene

      Ajibola Fatokun

      James Shaba Kolo

      Stanley Njuangang

      Olayinka Oluseyi Olaniyi

      Akanbi Olusayo Oyebanji [Research summary]

      Christos Pliakos [Research summary]

      Renuka Thakore [Research summary]

      Social Media

      • Recently, two members of CSD were named by UK magazine BD-Online as being among the top 10 most influential architectural education tweeters in the UK. This is a phenomenal achievement and accordingly, the centre offers congratulations to Ann Vanner (@annvanner) and Jenni Barrett (@Meme_Cloud). Both Ann and Jenni were also named in the top 100 most useful architectural tweeters! This shows the impact and relevance of teaching and research being conducted in UCLan as part of CSD, of which we are incredibly proud.

      Additional Information

      Contact Details

      CSD Director: Professor Jack Goulding

      University of Central Lancashire

      Preston, PR1 2HE

      Phone: 01772 89 4213



      Related Projects

      CSD Research Environment

      CSD staff are all actively engaged in numerous high profile activities, that not only reflect their esteemed standing in the broader research community, but also helps keep them at the cutting edge of scientific evolution. These activities include roles such as international academic journal editorships; journal editorial advisory boards; active membership of international conference scientific and technical committees; memberships and fellowships of learned and professional societies; expert peer reviewing invitations from industrial, private and government research funders; and expert reviewing/ witness/ consultancy roles.

      The CSD recognises and fully endorses the cross-disciplinary nature of the sustainability agenda, and in recognition of this, our team of researchers and PhD students is equally multidisciplinary. This is but one characteristic of the Centre that helps us meet our aim of continually bridging sustainability activity across the whole of UCLan, through many high profile external conduits – such as above. Accordingly, our sustainability activities embrace the subject disciplines of natural sciences, design, environmental issues, engineering, social sciences, health and economics.

      Excellence in Student’s Research

      Not only is CSD proud of the excellence in its staff, but the recruitment of outstanding PhD students has been of equal importance in maintaining the world leading research profile of the Centre. Nurturing students to become our major research engine has been a priority for the CSD and through first class research student infrastructure and support, the Centre nurtures their skills and enables them to achieve their immediate and medium term aspirations. This is reflected in the enthusiasm and ability of our research students as evidenced for example, in their delivery of deliver research papers to the SBNE Seminar Series and the UCLan Annual Research Student Conference; presentations at major international conferences; publication of articles in academic journals; and active participation in other public delivery mechanisms.

      One example of research excellence was the publication in International Journal of Construction Supply Chain Management a paper titled ‘Collaborative engagement approaches for delivering sustainable infrastructure projects in the AEC sector’. The lead author, Alaba Adetola, who published with their supervisors Professor Jack Goulding and Dr Champika Liyanage; won the best student paper award at the 6th International Engineering and Construction Conference in Egypt for the PhD work on ‘Sustainable construction: a conceptual framework for transforming policy into project level practice’.

      Other exemplars include awards for the ‘Development of enhanced lifecycle assessment tool using a sustainable livelihood approach’, and ‘Critical success factors and key performance indicators in public private partnership transport’ (projects funded by the Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme).

      Some of our Research Students and their Projects