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Forensic Psychology

1 Year
September 2022
Campus Taught

Our MSc in Forensic Psychology gives you the skills to assess, intervene and care for victims and offenders. It will foster your professional growth, develop your report writing and presentation skills, methodological rigour, research expertise, independent learning and critical thinking.

There’s a strong emphasis on the application of Forensic Psychology in professional practice, and theoretical modules include topics on how the theory is applied in practice.

MSc Forensic Psychology explores both victims and offenders. It follows the progression of an offender from their first contact with the criminal justice system until their eventual release into the community of transfer to conditions of less security. The role of ongoing assessment, intervention and throughcare is emphasised throughout.

You’ll learn from staff and practising Forensic Psychologists (both NHS and HMPS) who are actively engaged in research and who regularly publish in leading forensic journals and present papers at both national and international conferences.

Why study with us

  • Through supportive seminars, lectures, coursework, examination and independent study you’ll gain key academic skills in Forensic Psychology.
  • As part of your assessment you’ll research an area of Forensic Psychology that really interests you, and it’ll develop your organisational and communication skills.
  • You’ll study modules about advanced methods in psychology, applying psychology to the legal process, attributes of offenders and victims, forensic mental health and risk assessment, professional practice and intervention.

What you'll do

  • We’ll actively support you with gaining the skills and experience you need to work towards a future career in the world of Forensic Psychology.
  • You’ll have access to extensive laboratory facilities in the Darwin Building, as well as a dedicated study space for postgraduate students.

Module Overview

Course Delivery

This course is taught face-to-face at one of our UK campuses.


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Academic expertise


  • This course is accredited by the BPS, the learned and professional body, incorporated by the Royal Charter, for Psychology in the UK. We will provide you with the breadth and depth of knowledge that allows you to graduate with Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) provided you achieve at least a lower second class honours degree.

Future careers

A number of our MSc Forensic Psychology graduates take up trainee Forensic Psychologist positions or go on to other careers in the legal and/or criminal justice system. 

The major aim of this postgraduate course is to equip you with the British Psychological Society Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership (GBC) Stage 1 professional training in Forensic Psychology.

Following completion of Stage 2 training, a minimum of two years supervised practice, you will be able to practice as a Chartered Forensic Psychologist.

Fees and Funding

Full-time£8750 per year
Part-time£975 per 20 credits
Full-time£14500 per year
Part-time£975 per 20 credits
Full-time£14500 per year
Full-time£9000 per year
Part-time£1000 per 20 credits
Full-time£14500 per year

Scholarships and Bursaries

We have a wide range of scholarships, bursaries and funds available to help support you whilst studying with us.

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This course is based in the School of Psychology and Computer Science located in the Faculty of Science and Technology

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