Industry 4.0

Develop your business

Industry 4.0 technologies can help to streamline your existing processes and improve productivity and revenue giving your company that competitive edge.

IN4.0 PLC is a joint business venture with the University of Central Lancashire. The focus is on practical innovation and using Industry 4.0 technology to help businesses growth. The venture trains staff and provides advise for senior managers. They also source applicable technologies and assist in implementation.

IN4.0’s approach is applicable to businesses of all sizes, across all sectors, who are looking to achieve growth, increase revenue, improve productivity or maximise return on investment through implementing technology.

IN4.0’s approach:

  • Masterclass Series: A one-day immersive learning experience for business leaders, run by experts in their field on how to create ‘Boardroom Breakthroughs’ in leadership and innovation
  • Factory Network: Practical, hands-on innovative sessions for senior technical personnel. A creative environment where senior technical staff experience Industry 4.0 and showcase practical commercial applications
  • Change Delivery Model: A personalised and bespoke model, where IN4.0’s Customer Success Managers and Technical Disrupters deliver specific projects, on the foundations of delivering growth and return on investment through innovation
  • Accelerator: A supply chain improvement platform where SMEs and start-ups address barriers and tackle industry challenges.

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