MBBS student Salma talks about their course and life outside of the classroom

Egyptian student Salma joined UCLan in September 2022 and is full of praise for the welcoming nature of campus.

"The best part of student life here at UCLan is making friends with people from around the world and overcoming challenges. For example, all the students on my programme recognise each other and whenever we are in the library, we always offer to help and support our fellow classmates. You are never alone here at UCLan as lots of people are in the same position as you.

"It can be challenging keeping on top of your workload and making sure you’re not behind. Staying on top of what you’re doing that week in lectures is probably the hardest aspect of student life because if you fall behind one day, it’s as if you fell behind a whole week and it ends up being difficult to catch up. However, you make it through in the end.

"I’m excited to start my placements after my exams. It’s a real advantage to be in the hospital and having exposure to patients so early to build communication skills and confidence.

"My tutors and professors are really supportive, and they are always there to help with any questions.

Salma Azeldin
Salma Azeldin

"The best part of student life here at UCLan is making friends with people from around the world and overcoming challenges."

Salma Azeldin, MBBS

"Previously, I studied A-Levels at Sunmarke school in Dubai and the main difference here at university is that you and must learn to become more independent and figure things out for yourself.

"I chose UCLan because Medicine as a course is tough to get in to in the UK, and UCLan offers more of a chance because there are so many places available to international students, despite the entry requirements being similar. It has always been a dream of mine to study medicine in the UK so UCLan has allowed me to fulfil this goal. I like the fact it is an international environment as students from around the world who are in the same position can support each other.

"When I first arrived, I found the environment to be welcoming and fun. The Student Support team were helpful in the first week and assisted us with anything we needed. It’s nice that Preston is a small city because you can bump into someone you know at any time and everything is within walking distance.

"When I am not studying, I play football at the University and have even represented UCLan in futsal against other universities. I play 5-a-side and 11-a-side every week, sometimes just with girls and other times mixed. Representing the University’s football and futsal Teams has been the highlight of my UCLan experience so far, alongside witnessing snow for the first time which was remarkable!

"On my summer vacation, I visited Preston and noticed the welcoming and friendly nature of the public as people I didn’t know were saying hello to me and my family. It’s a very cute city and I preferred it to London. Avenham & Miller Parks beat Hyde Park any day. 

"I think the availability of restaurants, especially for Halal food is amazing. In my spare time, I go shopping in the city centre or go out to eat.

"Every day gets better, you get used to University life slowly and you grow into it. It can be scary and overwhelming, but don’t worry about the first semester, it’s all a learning curve and by the second semester you’ll be on top of it.

"Three pieces of advice for future students are: make sure you are out of your accommodation as much as possible, try new things, and make sure you are doing at least one extracurricular activity away from your studies."

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