Discover why Rupak decided to return to study MBA

As a returning UCLan student, Rupak previously studied MSc Network Computing and decided to return to develop his skills in business management.

When I first visited UCLan back in 2010 to study Business Administration with Professional Placement, I was surprised to see how huge it was. I was fascinated to see the lecture halls, the laboratories, the library, and other services the University offered like sports, gym, and language classes. The enrolment process was very straightforward, and I was delighted to have received help from the <i> team. On my very first day, I became sure that I made the right choice.

I found the library service provided by UCLan very helpful, similarly, the careers services provided by UCLan is praiseworthy. I am not sure if all students use this service, but I made the most out of it. From refining my CV and getting my job application reviewed to having a mock interview session, I benefitted it from all. As a result of this help, I was able to secure a placement opportunity successfully. I always wanted to join the gym, but I never did and instead I used the MyWellness app provided by the University, which helped me stay active and fit.

Rupak Shrestha, MBA with professional placement
Rupak Shrestha, MBA with professional placement

As an international student, I was worried that COVID-19 would have a severe impact on my MBA course resulting in extended course duration. However, UCLan was very prompt in planning and implementing alternative ways of delivering lectures and conducting assessments. Therefore, with no disruptions, I completed the first year of my MBA programme during the first nationwide lockdown.

It was a unique experience for me, and I was impressed that UCLan effectively dealt with such an unprecedented situation. Additionally, I have great respect for UCLan for helping students academically, mentally, and financially during the pandemic.

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