Six reasons to attend an Open Day

As the new academic year is getting closer it is time to start planning the next step of your journey. Most universities organise Open Days to help you decide if the university is for you.

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The thought of attending an Open Day might feel overwhelming but they're a really useful way to find out if the university is the right fit for you. Here are some of my thoughts on why I found attending the UCLan open day helpful.
Students walking on Preston Campus
Pre-reg Physiotherapy, MSc

1. Meet the lecturers

Open Days are a great opportunity to find about more about subject areas you're interested in studying. Each subject has its own designated stand where you can ask as many questions as you like. The staff are super friendly so do not be afraid to ask what you want. I know it found it helpful doing some research beforehand to get the conversation started.

2. Discover the different subject areas

It can be hard knowing what you want to study at university. I was torn between Physiotherapy and Nursing. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to attend the UCLan Open Day. This way I was able to visit both subject areas and learn about what the degree involved. Both subjects also had taster sessions which helped me decide what I liked. Attending Open Days are a good way to find out what you like so you don’t worry about not having everything planned out. PS. If anyone is wondering I chose Physiotherapy!

3. Explore campus

At first UCLan seems like a huge campus. There are many facilities including the library and gym as well as the nearby shopping centre and food places. On the Open Day you are free to explore on your own or join a campus tour. Whilst the campus may seem huge, everything is closely linked and there are always Student Ambassadors around to help you if you get lost.

4. Socialise and meet potential friends

UCLan is home to a diverse range of people. This might help you to make new friends and meet new people. At an Open Days you may meet people so don’t be afraid to say hey, everyone is in the same boat as you! It’s always good to get a head start and make new friends before the year starts. I definitely appreciated having people I knew on my first day at uni!

5. Students' Union

If you enjoy freebies, games, and food as much as I do make sure to visit the Students' Union building. The SU building is home to Lampworks, a restaurant and bar with games and a Starbucks. The SU also offers jobs to students for anyone interested in working whilst studying at UCLan. Make sure to pop in as there will may be prizes and freebies to be won!

6. Student support

Inside the Student Centre you’ll find different stands available that provide all the information you need about starting university. These stands include personal statement support, admissions advice, information on funding your studies and careers advice. The Student Centre is also home to the different Student Support services available to you during your studies here.

After I attended the Open Day, I knew UCLan was for me. The reassurances I got from the lecturers and the safe and comforting feeling I got stepping onto campus was enough for me to make my decision.

I understand how overwhelming this next step can be, but do not worry, support is there every step of the way. Student ambassadors are also available throughout the day to help you navigate campus and answer any questions you have about student life.