Ranjitha Tijo on studying MSc IT Security and student life at UCLan

Originally from India, Ranjitha joined the University of Central Lancashire in September 2022 and shares her experience so far.

"The most enjoyable part of my course, MSc IT Security, is the interactive sessions with the lecturers. Thinking outside the box is challenging, but it’s a new skill I have developed. The tutors are friendly and informative, they are ready to answer queries even if they are off topic. Initially, I was hesitant to interact with my lecturers but when I started the course, they took the initiative and made me feel comfortable.

"The help I received from the tutors during my initial assignment amazed me, as I am not used to writing essays in the British style. The tutors set up activities as a group, and we become friends with our peers quickly. The atmosphere of the University is totally welcoming, like nothing I have experienced before.

"In my previous study in India, there was no practical implementation of the techniques we learnt, at UCLan we do implement these techniques, which I really like.

Ranjitha Tijo
Ranjitha Tijo

"UCLan is an extremely welcoming place for international students."

Ranjitha Tijo, MSc IT Security

"The facilities like the 24/7 library and computer labs impressed me. I joined in September 2022 and have now used the library, student support and students’ union for advice - the support on offer here is tremendous. The gym is easily accessible from my accommodation, we use it as part of our healthy lifestyles and it is free.

"Preston feels like home, the city centre has almost everything I want. The restaurants are good, and we have so many Indian restaurants. Preston is a very safe place; I walk late at night and I haven’t faced any issues. In my free time, I visit the parks in Preston. I recently visited Avenham and Moor Park and I love the views!

"If you are choosing UCLan, I would say your future begins here. You have taken the first step to success in your career!"