Five best places for brunch in Preston

Looking for the perfect breakfast or brunch in Preston? Join Taiyba on a culinary journey as she dives into Preston's best breakfast and brunch spots.

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Meet Taiyba

Hey, fellow brunch aficionados, my name is Taiyba Hussain and in this blog I am going to tell you about the best places for brunch in Preston.
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Taiyba Hussain
Medicine, MBBS

Picture plates piled high with culinary delights and Instagram feeds saturated with mouth-watering food, all of which can be enjoyed on a student budget.

1. Rise: rise and shine with health and happiness

Rise is located right in the heart of town and is a haven for those who believe in fuelling their day with a scrumptious, health-conscious food. Now, I'm not one to shy away from a hearty meal, but Rise had me rethinking my brunch choices in the best way possible. I mean, who knew that chia pudding could taste like heaven in a jar? And their avocado toast? Creamy and dreamy, it's basically a symphony for your palate. Not to mention, the vibrant dishes practically demand to be photographed for all your social media followers.

2. Delishus by Saladishy: where aesthetics meet appetites

For foodies seeking aesthetic plates, Delishus is the best place for you. Stepping into this café is like entering an art gallery – each dish meticulously crafted to evoke oohs and aahs. Now, let's talk about their shakshouka. It's like a sunrise and a party in your mouth, all at once, which you can have at any time of day! And their club sandwiches? Perfect to have after tiring lectures.

3. Townhouse Bar: where a caffeine cravers dreams come true

For those early risers who believe in the power of caffeine, Townhouse Coffee & Brew Bar on Friargate is your sanctuary. I vividly remember the morning I first sipped their coffee – it was like a warm hug. But let's not forget the real showstopper: their eggs benedict. The silky hollandaise sauce on top of perfectly poached eggs, and I swear, it was as if my taste buds were doing the tango. Talk about a brunch to remember!

Townhouse is located a short walk away from the Preston Campus
Townhouse is located a short walk away from the Preston Campus

4. The Mill Coffee & Kitchen: the classic brunch go-to

For those who appreciate minimalist aesthetics and modern twists on brunch classics, The Mill Coffee & Kitchen is a top choice. Their menu features an array of creative options, from smashed avocado on sourdough with feta and dukkah to smoked salmon bagels with cream cheese and capers. The Mill is perfect for brunchers seeking a contemporary yet comfortable ambiance.

5. Bob and Berts: a tale of sweet and savoury serendipity

Nestled opposite the Fishergate Centre, Bob and Berts is where my brunch dreams found their happy ending. Their French toast – oh my word, it's like they're whispering sweet symphonies to your taste buds. Crispy, fluffy, and drizzled with magic, it's a slice of heaven. And then, they go and serve up savoury marvels like eggs benedict and a full English that will fulfil all your brunch dreams in the best possible way.

So, to any prospective students and current students (who weren’t aware of these hidden gems), whether you're seeking a nourishing meal or a plate that's prettier than a postcard, Preston has it all. Brace yourselves for a medley of flavour and plates that could grace the cover of Good Food magazine.