Muhammad Qayyum – studying International Hospitality Management, BA (Hons)

Opportunities for graduates 

Studying a degree in International Hospitality Management at UCLan provides our graduates with the required skills to be an effective manager worldwide – whether this is in bars, major hotel chains, resorts and many more. Our graduates have a wealth of opportunities at their doorstep because of our focus on employment.

Muhammad Qayyum - a student shares his experiences

“A family member told my mother: “your boy will travel the world with his work” and I started thinking about how it could be possible. Then in 2005, during a school trip, I got the chance to interact with hotel staff, where I witnessed service experience and discovered the opportunities that the hospitality industry has to offer.

"Something which further sparked my interest in the industry was the lack of service awareness, knowledge of standards and information in some areas. My home country, Pakistan, is rich in natural beauty which contains some of the world’s highest mountains, diversity of culture, home of ancient civilizations, significant religious places, four seasons and long relaxing beaches - but still, the tourism was very low.

"One of the major issues is that the people associated with the hospitality industry are not fully equipped yet – hence I see a gap in knowledge that I want to fill.

Muhammad Qayyum is a International Hospitality Management graduate.
Muhammad Qayyum is a International Hospitality Management graduate.

Delivering 'an unforgettable experience'

"My area of study will help me in the future back in Pakistan. In recent years, the importance of hospitality and tourism in Pakistan has grown rapidly. A luxury travel magazine “Conde Nast Traveller” has named Pakistan one of the best holiday destinations for 2020. The government has also been taking serious interests to grow tourism in the country. With my degree, I am able to understand the importance of guest expectation and deliver an unforgettable experience.

"After graduation, I will take the opportunity to work abroad so I can understand and learn the industry’s cultural dimensions in more detail. It will be fruitful to experience the diversity of work in the industry.

Perfect stage for a career journey

"UCLan has given me a perfect stage to start my career journey in the hospitality industry. I have had some great opportunities to learn about the wider aspects of the hospitality industry not only within the UK but also on an international level. For example, the Berlin trip in the first year and visiting Reykjavik in the second year have completely changed my definition of travel and hospitality experience.

"UCLan had always encouraged that "I" as a student be involved in my class activities, seminars, event planning and field trips. I worked as a “Course Representative” in my second year and “Course Ambassador” at our University Open Days. These roles have helped me to shape my personality for leadership and management.

"After spending two years at UCLan, with the support of my lecturers, I did a placement at Hilton Birmingham Metropole which has enhanced my interpersonal skills.

Be 'prepared for an adventure'

"I would advise potential students that if you are joining UCLan to study a degree in this area then be prepared for an adventure. It is an amazing campus and is great for international experiences. UCLan is the platform where you can board a right train towards your career”

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