Aerospace Engineering student Mohammed Humayun Rashid tells us his experience

"I chose to study MEng Aerospace Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire as I really enjoyed the atmosphere presented to me from the lecturers and staff whilst I was here on a previous open day. The accommodation was nice and at an affordable price. The facilities (such as the library and social areas) also appealed to me.

"I found the modules that were delivered in this course to be interesting and engaging. The modules cover a wide range of aspects within the engineering area. This includes topics related to industrial operations processes, simulation (CFD/FEA), thermodynamics and many more.

"I think the facilities are great here. This includes the library being open 24/7, the gym facility having memberships that are free for students and the new EIC building.

"The teaching is also good as lecturers are immersive in the content they deliver. Topics are often related back to how they are used in the industry."

Mohammed Humayun Rashid
Mohammed Humayun Rashid
Mohammed Humayun Rashid

"In my first year, I took part in the shell eco marathon team which was part of the engineering society. This society took me to a huge Shell event in London to take part in the competition. The most difficult challenge I had when I first started University was getting used to managing my study time and my general lifestyle when living away from home. For example, doing everyday things like cooking and shopping was something I had to get used to doing.

"A great memory that I have whilst at my time at university was when I had the opportunity to take part in the NWAA (North West Aerospace Alliance) university challenge. At this event, I won an individual professionals award and attended the award ceremony held at the North Imperial War Museum.

"My advice to prospective students would be to work hard from the beginning. Also, look to seize the opportunity to engage in an extra-curricular activity, whether it be a society or specific events; it’ll be very beneficial to meet new people and make the most out of your university life."