Hamad on the international experience on offer at UCLan

Hamad is originally from Qatar and has been at the University of Central Lancashire studying Fire Engineering since January 2020. Originally he did not know much about Preston but here he has found a suitable and comfortable place to study whilst also exploring other parts of the UK.

I opted to study at UCLan because there is a specialisation in the Fire Engineering course that I wanted to study. Some of my friends have already studied the course and they gave me a positive impression and feedback, which was helpful.

The teachers are very good and cooperative with the students, which makes the courses a lot of fun, alongside the inclusion of a lot of experiments. The teaching style is quite intense here, but I like it and it covers a diverse range of fields.


"The student services on offer at UCLan really give us the opportunity to succeed and the assistance is second to none. "

Hamad, Fire Engineering student

At first, I was worried because I didn’t know much about Preston, however, I can tell you now that the area is wonderful - the living is excellent and very suitable for me. I have also been fortunate to visit many other places in the UK, I particularly liked Manchester, London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

I feel that UCLan and Preston in general is a safe environment. One in which you can meet new people because the students are all so lovely. The weather is nice, but for me, the winters are a bit too cold!

If you get the chance to study here, then you are very fortunate so don’t leave this opportunity behind and make the most of it.