MSc Sports Medicine students worked alongside the Wales team at the Rugby League World Cup

MSc Sports Medicine students Ashleigh Abbott and Luke Charnock were recently given the opportunity to spend time working alongside the Wales team at the Rugby League World Cup 2021. The tournament was held in late 2022 after being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The MSc Sports Medicine degree gives students insights into evidence-based practice and teaches essential skills in providing safe and effective care for those engaging in sport. It enables them to develop a strong understanding of sporting injuries, the psychology surrounding injuries, pre-hospital trauma and more.

While working with the team, Ashleigh and Luke were involved in providing soft tissue treatment to players throughout the week and on match days to ensure they were recovering well and able to perform at peak physical condition. They had access to the medical room, which housed equipment including massage beds, oils, exercise bands and tape. Throughout they benefited from the professional insight and expertise of team therapists and a doctor, who detailed their assessment and management of player injuries, allowing Ashleigh and Luke to develop their skills and knowledge in a real-life setting.

"“My favourite part was working alongside other professionals and learning new skills. I gained lots of knowledge and different techniques which I can use in the future, making me a better practitioner.”"

Luke Charnock

Ashleigh and Luke have been able to benefit from the course’s real-world approach to learning, including access to on-campus facilities like plinth rooms and massage beds, which gave them opportunities to develop their skills in a simulated environment before going on placement. This included realistic dummies, used in teaching to help students practise carrying out treatments under expert supervision and increase their confidence before progressing to working with real people.

"“Our tutors have a broad range of professional experience gained in different sporting and clinical environments. They are very involved in shaping our training, progression and career aspirations.”"

Ashleigh Abbott

"“I like how knowledgeable the tutors are and how they share their past experiences with us, allowing us to learn from them.”"

Luke Charnock

Ashleigh chose to study at UCLan as she lives in the local area and found it to be a natural choice for her master’s degree. She was really drawn in by the optional modules on the course, particularly one focused on concussion management, one of her key areas of interest.

Luke thought the Sports Medicine course looked really interesting and chose UCLan because Preston was in close proximity to many of the sports teams he was keen to work with. He liked the modern feel of the campus and was particularly impressed by the range of facilities he was able to access.

He says: “I would advise anyone considering postgraduate study to choose UCLan because they tick every box when choosing a university. The staff are great, there is always help available when needed, the facilities are fantastic and there are lots of great opportunities on offer.”

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