15 of Preston's best kept secrets

Our campus tours are pretty comprehensive, but they won’t tell you about Preston’s best kept secrets – compiled by our current students, here’s the places you must check out.

1. Tuscany on Plungington Road 

A quiet café that often gets missed because it’s a little out of the way, but is worth the extra walk. The display case is packed with Italian pastries and the gelato is to die for. They also make the perfect cappuccino, which is a must for exam season - Luke

2. Itsy’s Thai Street Food 

My favourite place outside campus. Though there are many assortments of different East Asian cuisine, nothing compares to the love and attention (and spice!) that Itsy gives to its Thai cuisine - Bethan

3. Laser quest 

The best place to chill out with friends on a day off. Located on Aqueduct Street, the building contains a multilevel laser course and several escape rooms that are sure to get your pulse racing - Sally Marie 

Laser quest is a great way to chill out with friends.
Laser quest is a great way to chill out with friends.

4. The Mystery Tea House on Cannon Street

I love coming here to get some work done and have a cup of fruity tea or just hang out with my friends after fencing. They also have the best chips and really good traditional Polish food - Luke

5. Cafuné for the best Brazillian coffee 

A cosy South American café in the heart of the city centre with plenty of creative drinks and snacks. The perfect place to study alongside a warm cappuccino - Achint 

6. Brockholes Nature Reserve

A floating village in a 250 acre nature reserve with the best ice cream! It’s a bit of a journey on public transport, but it’s so worth it - Luci 

Brockholes Nature Reserve is a great place for a walk.
Brockholes Nature Reserve is a great place for a walk.

7. The Larder Café

A writer’s retreat tucked away in the city centre. They host exhibitions, book launches, a variety of cooking initiatives, and creative writing groups, as well as just being a great place to study - Sally Marie

8. Moor Park

The best place for a walk - it’s a quieter space to bring yourself peace and my favourite area is the little waterfall that runs down by the grotto. I always go and sit there if I want to spend some time with myself - Harley

9. Have a Broughton banger at Brew + Bake

The best breakfast sandwich you’ll ever try! Plus there’s plenty of space to study in the café and they also have lots of fun events throughout the year - Luci

10. Preston Marina

This place has everything. Wonderful walks around the marina and the River Ribble. It has shops, café, a cinema and it is nice seeing the birds and boats on the water - Anthony 

Take a walk around Preston Marina.
Take a walk around Preston Marina.

11. RK Dining for snacks

I love treating myself to some Punjabi samosas or Indian snacks to keep me going throughout the day - Suntosh

12. Oasis Spirituality Centre

Firstly, you do not have to be religious to use the space and I find it has a nice feel, is quiet and has a library space with desks and chairs so I often study here - Anthony

13. Coco's Soul Food

A brilliant little eatery serving large portions of brilliant Caribbean/Mexican food at reasonable prices - Paul 

Coco's Soul Food serves the best Caribbean food.
Coco's Soul Food serves the best Caribbean food.

14. Student Centre

I spend most of the time there as it is an open social space where you can speak to your friends whilst also doing your work - Jamal 

15. Harrington for breakfast

I grab hash browns, beans and toast every morning from the Harrington canteen before heading to the third floor where I chill, eat and work on my assignments - there’s plenty of charging points too! - Suntosh

Harrington canteen is a great spot to grab lunch with friends.
Harrington canteen is a great spot to grab lunch with friends.

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