Sports Coaching graduate Jono McPhail talks about his experience

MSc Sports Coaching, 2018

UCLan MSc Sports Coaching graduate, Jono McPhail, has kicked off his career in a lecturing role at the University Campus of Football Business (UCFB).

Whilst completing his undergraduate degree, Jono was set on moving into teaching in secondary schools. This was predominantly because of the great experiences he received from his previous PE teachers. More specifically, Jono’s dissertation gave him the taste for education and became the reason for taking his studies further. Jono had looked at a number of different courses but felt he was best suited to the master’s course at UCLan. Jono found that meeting some of the course staff before enrolling was a great footing ahead of starting his postgraduate studies.

Prior to graduating in 2018, Jono applied for a PGCE and he was also offered a job at a secondary school which he declined after accepting his role at UCFB.

Currently, Jono works as a Lecturer at UCFB Etihad campus where he is the module lead for Employability and Enterprise. A key part of his role is the planning, preparation and delivery of these modules, as well as marking. Jono also assists on other modules in which he delivers lectures and seminars in place of the programme leads and, in addition, he supports third year dissertation students.

Jono McPhail
Jono McPhail

During his studies, Jono gained practical experience as a Primary and Secondary Educational Sports Coach in Doncaster and surrounding areas, as well as taking on the role of Assistant Manager of a Sports Activity Camp in Cheltenham. He has also coached and managed a number of men’s and women’s football teams. These roles have proven to be particularly important during the master’s course when reflecting on previous experiences.

When asked if he has any advice to current students and graduates, Jono said: “For those looking to take up study, be prepared to work hard, read around your subject, aim high but don’t be too rigid with what you aim to do. Take a range of opportunities and try new experiences but be authentic when you do this.” He further added: “For graduates, cultivate honest and strong relationships with those in and out of your field of work. You never know what opportunities this might create going forward.”

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the year spent at UCLan. The course group of like-minded people we had were phenomenal and we learnt so much from each other. The staff were also fantastic. We, as students, were lucky to be taught by staff who had a wide range of experiences, personalities and outlooks within academia."

Jono McPhail, Sports Coaching, MSc