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Dr Andreas Philippou

Lecturer in Medical Sciences
School of Medicine

Andreas is a lecturer in Medical Sciences and delivers the Chemistry and Mathematics modules on the BSc FDE Medical Science programme. Andreas has a great deal of experience in Science education and curriculum development.

Andreas is involved in the course management of the BSc FDE Medical Science programme and is the course leader of this programme. Furthermore, he leads the Mathematics and Chemistry modules.

Andreas has more than ten-year experience in lecturing Chemistry and Mathematics in Higher Education (University of Manchester). Andreas has also led the curriculum development of several Science programmes. Furthermore, Andreas holds a senior associate tutor post at the Manchester Institute of Education, The University of Manchester. Andreas’s research interests lie in the area of synthesis and charactrisation of inorganic porous catalysts by spectroscopic techniques. Andreas is the author of more than 40 articles published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals.

  • B.Sc. Applied Chemistry, Technological Institute of Kavala, Greece, 1990
  • M.Sc. Applied Chemistry, University of Manchester, 1991
  • Ph.D. Applied Physical Chemistry, University of Manchester, 1995
  • PGCE Science, University of Manchester, 2003
  • 1995 Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award, ORS committee, London

Modules Taught

  • XYC001 - Biological and Chemical Systems
  • XYC003 - Investigative Skills using Mathematics
  • XY1005 - Case study approach to scientific problem solving
  • Assessment in Medical Science
  • Curriculum development
  • Senior Associate Tutor at the Manchester Institute of Education, The University of Manchester