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Dr Angela Ryan-Kewley

Senior Lecturer in Medical Sciences/Lead for Accelerated BSc Medical Sciences
School of Medicine

Angela teaches a range of subjects in the School of Medicine with expertise in Clinical Microbiology. She is Course Leader for the 2-year accelerated BSc Medical Sciences. Having come from a management background, carried out extensive research, supervised MRes and PhD students and successfully co-ordinated and taught a range of undergraduate modules, Angela has a proven track record of both teaching and research management, whilst working as an effective member of many teams within the hospital, industry and university environments.

Angela joined the University in August 2019 as Course Lead for a range of Medical Sciences courses including foundation at our Burnley and Westlakes campuses and Runshaw College. She also led and developed a new 2 year accelerated BSc course. In 2020 she was appointed course lead for Year 0 of a new initiative, which saw the development of a 6-year MBBS offering. During an 18-month period our courses expanded rapidly. Overseeing 4 courses at two separate sites and 3 semesters with 3 intakes on our accelerated 2-year degree, meant that cross-institutional leadership became challenging and in April 2021 Angela relinquished her role as foundation and Year 0 MBBS lead. Her focus is now the continued growth and development of a challenging, but enjoyable course for our Medical Science undergraduates.

Having gained a BTec Diploma in Management, Angela worked as a manager in industry for several years. After returning to study for a Microbiology degree from the University of Liverpool, Angela worked on the construction of a deletion mutant for use in vaccination. She then returned to industry, overseeing a laboratory which processed a range of samples, some of which were fast-tracked through the court system as evidence in multi-million-pound court cases.

She joined the University of Lincoln in 2002 were she began her teaching career. She received NHS funding for her PhD entitled “Microbial ecology of Propionibacterium acnes in patients undergoing treatment with isotretinoin” in the Dermatology Department of Lincoln County Hospital and the University of Lincoln laboratories. Since 2002 she has enjoyed a varied research and teaching career and held academic posts at the Universities of Lincoln; Edge Hill; Manchester Metropolitan and Liverpool John Moores.

Roles have included Programme Leader Human Biology; Year Tutor; Coordinator for Sandwich Degrees; Biology Placements; Clinical Placements; Validation Committees; Co-organised a wide range of public events; been a member of many academic committees and presented at a number of National and International conferences. Angela has taught a wide range of subjects to undergraduates and postgraduates from 1 to 1 supervision in the laboratory to large lectures with >280 students.

Throughout this time, she has co-ordinated and delivered modules across 7 Departments in 5 Universities, incorporating more than 30 different subjects. Her duties have also included the supervision of and consultation with over 100 undergraduate, Masters and PhD students during their Laboratory Research. Angela has established collaborations with 3 companies since 2012 and carried out research under a non-disclosure agreement with an international company for 3 years.