Listen to this webcast for a quick introduction to the importance of the German language and culture.

Wikipedia: Germany, German language

Brandenburg Gate

Introduction to German Language and Germany

As a further quick introduction to some basic words try this YouTube: Basic German video, which teaches you how to say hello, how are you, I like and numbers 1-10.

Online Learning Material

The BBC has some very good online learning material for Beginners. Check out this site: BBC Talk German.
If you already know some German, try this BBC course for Intermediate level: BBC Deutsch Plus
Here is a fun little song from YouTube (Learn German numbers, "How much?" + "I'll take it!"), which will help you to master the numbers 1-10 (backwards) and also teach you how to say “How much does that cost?” = „Wieviel kostet das“ and “I'll take it” = „ich nehme es“: View more from YouTube: Easy German.


For handy information about German customs and etiquette, including eating and drinking German style, business practices and cultural dos and don’ts, dip into Barry Tomalin’s Culture Smart! Germany (London: Kuperard, 2003, 7th ed. 2007) and from an American perspective, Hyde Flippo’s When in Germany, do as the Germans do (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2002). This also has a fun quiz and further web links to politics, pop culture, history and education.

Top ten reasons to visit Germany : Why a vacation in Germany is easy, fun and comfortable
Learn about German traditions and customs from Lexi TV and their web pages on culture.

Find out about life in Germany for young people.

Extensive information on immigration and integration is provided by the Goethe Institut. Also visit their homepage for lots and lots of useful and interesting material in German and English:

Deutsche Welle lets you access the latest cultural news in German or English plus videos on current news topics.
Two humorous novels by Britons living in Germany are provided by Cathy Dobson in Planet Germany (Guilford: Grosvenor House, 2007) and Ben Donald, Springtime for Germany, or how I learned to love Lederhosen (London: Little, Brown, 2007).

For the latest information about cultural events relating to Austria visit the Austrian Cultural Forum based in London.

Language Websites

Language Learners / Pen friends

German Television and Radio

A good link to follow as part of your tour of German television is ZDF (in German), one of Germany's main television networks.

Watching German television via the web is also an option. Below are some of the most useful links:

  • German-speaking Internet TV is available through the wwiTV portal where you can search for a channel either by country or topic area, or with Multilingual Handbooks.
  • German Internet radio stations are also plentiful. Portals that will provide you with links to German stations include Listen Live and Multilingual Handbooks.