Inclusive campus community

Values and initiatives

We are proud to host a campus community comprised of many cultures, faiths, nationalities and beliefs.

 We value our richly diverse community and we take seriously our responsibility to provide a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment and are committed to ensuring everyone can feel safe, valued and is able to thrive.

Unfortunately, divisions within society still remain and sadly give rise to instances of prejudice and discrimination. There is no place at our University for these behaviours. Harassment, intimidation and bullying behaviours are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Such behaviour may be easily recognisable, but it can be subtle too and either way is intended to undermine, threaten or injure. This includes behaviour that is offensive, frightening, malicious or insulting and includes the abuse and misuse of power to unduly influence others who seem to be in less powerful positions. Harassment, bullying and intimidation can be through any form of contact or communication including face to face, verbal, by telephone, email, social media, other written communications and imagery.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Festival01 / 06

Equality and diversity carnival
Equality and diversity carnival

Hate crime or incident?

If you are a victim or witness to any behaviours that are not respectful of our community members, you can get support and report any concerns using our report and support website or report hate crime or incidents to Student’s Union third party reporting centre:


In order to promote and value Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, we work in collaboration with a range of local, national and international partners, including Preston City Council, Lancashire County Council, City of Sanctuary, Universities of Sanctuary, NHS, Preston Black History Group (PBHG), Lancashire LGBT, Disability Northwest and Mermaid to name but a few.

These organisations are key to our lecturers and researchers to measure impact and provide educational services and projects to meet the needs of the wider community.

Freedom of speech

A University must uphold the rights to free speech and debate and we are proud that our campus community is a place where a range of views can be openly discussed. We believe that lawful and open debate is the right way for our students to challenge views with which they disagree.

We have in place clear procedures and policies to ensure that free speech, debate and academic freedom are enabled, and that events promoting the free and open exchange of ideas can take place.