Your Student Contract

  • The Student Charter

    Our commitment to working in partnership with students of the University of Central Lancashire

    Students outside

Your time with us at UCLan should be exciting, memorable and life-changing. That is why the University and the Students’ Union are focussed on working in partnership with you to ensure your full potential is reached. We want you to get involved and actively participate in all aspects of university life and engage with us to be inspired and to inspire future students. We want you to grasp every opportunity that comes along so you make the most of your time with us. Our aim is to give you the best university experience you can have by working together.


Our mission and values are at the heart of everything we do and have remained the same for many years:


Read the full Mission and Values statement


Staff at UCLan commit to:

  1. Extending a warm, polite, courteous and inclusive welcome to you
  2. Communicating effectively with you and treating you with respect
  3. Providing you with access to accurate information and advice on all aspects of university life. For more information visit the Student Portal
  4. Creating inspiring, engaging and stimulating learning opportunities for you
  5. Providing high quality facilities and responsive services to support you
  6. Providing you with timely academic and pastoral support including a named academic advisor 
  7. Providing clear and prompt feedback on your assessed work, which enables you to develop (Rules and Regulations)
  8. Enabling access to range of opportunities to support the development of your employability both within and outside of your programme
  9. Providing opportunities to feedback on and influence your experience
  10. Listening to, valuing and responding to your feedback
  11. Providing a safe and productive environment for you to develop your full potential


We expect you to commit to:

  1. Being an active partner with university staff and actively participating in the learning opportunities available to you
  2. Keeping up to date with all information about your course through a range of channels such as social networks, The Student Portal, Blackboard etc.
  3. Taking responsibility for your learning, personal development and skill development
  4. Completing all work to the best of your ability and submitting it on time
  5. Engaging with feedback provided to you to further your development
  6. Providing timely and constructive feedback on your experiences
  7. Engaging in the extra-curricular opportunities available to you
  8. Telling us when you require help and making use of the support services available to you
  9. Treating all members of the university and local community with respect
  10. Adhering to UCLan’s Regulations for the Conduct of Students and thereby contributing to a safe, productive university environment
  11. Ensuring we have the right contact details for you so that we can communicate effectively with you

The Students’ Union Commitment to you

Our promise to our members

  1. We will provide services and activities that will be safe and supportive to all students, actively challenging discrimination.
  2. We will seek your opinions at all times, responding to your changing needs, experience and aspirations
  3. We will provide you with access to high quality, independent advice and representation.
  4. We will work with the University to ensure that its procedures and policies are fair and applied equally and within reasonable timeframes
  5. We will provide support for students that are unhappy with their student experience and use your collective experience to make life better for future students
  6. We will provide you with all year round opportunities to be active, make lasting friendships and have fun
  7. We will support the development of student decision making at all levels of the Union and the University, providing training and guidance to student leaders
  8. We will provide high quality support for all our volunteers through skills training, the celebration of your successes and by ensuring your volunteering is formally acknowledged alongside your degree.

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