Dr. Xi Chen


School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

Adelphi Building, AB105


Dr Xi Chen is an associate lecturer in Korean. Her research interests are mainly in pragmatics, applied linguistics and East Asian languages. Currently her research focus is on the comparative studies of two or more Asian languages and cultures.

Full Profile

Ph.D, Korean linguistics (comparative study of speech acts in Korean and Chinese), SOAS, (2011~present)

MA, Foreign linguistics & applied linguistics, Ocean University of China, 2009

BA, Dual majors in Korean language and Finance, Ocean University of China, 2006


Compensation Strategies in Evaluation speech acts and its Reflection on Caring Theory, Paper Collection of Korean Studies, 03/2014;  Beijing University (Ed), Zhongshan University Press

Teaching Activities

.Teaching Korean language courses to major and non-major students at different levels.


Teaching Activities and Responsibilities