Prof. Peter Anderson

Emeritus Professor in Journalism and its Political Context

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

With a MSc and PhD from the University of Southampton, Peter Anderson has taught at the universities of Southampton and Lancaster and has also run a consultancy dealing with the relationship between the EU and the news media. He joined the Department of Journalism at UCLan in January 2002 and was awarded a Readership in October 2007 and a professorship in January 2016.

Peter was the research cluster leader for Journalism, Media and Culture until January 2017 and led UCLan Communication, Cultural and Media studies team to REF success in the top half of the UK national league tables for research excellence in 2014. He is continuing his work on a number of research projects and is interested in collaborations where appropriate.


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Over the years he has provided ad hoc technical or investigative assistance to journalists and researchers from, for example, Granada Television’s World in Action, prior to its demise, the Guardian, the Sunday Times and foreign and local radio stations. Issues covered have ranged from global trade talks, to EU negotiations, arms control negotiations and environmental problems.

In addition, his own work has received direct media coverage, three examples being an article by Hugo Young in the Guardian of Thursday February 10, 2000 referring in detail to his jointly authored book on the British Press and the EU (1999), a debate built around the same book on BBC Radio 4 on Friday February 18, 2000 and a review of his jointly authored book on the future of journalism in the advanced democracies in the Times Higher Education Supplement August 17, 2007.

His published work has been reviewed by a variety of leading academics. For example, with regard to his (with Anthony Weymouth) 1999 book on the EU and the British press, John Gaffney stated in the December 2000 issue of Political Studies that:

‘It is a good appraisal of the press and thorough in its establishing a corpus for research on the single market, the single currency and integration as seen from the UK perspective.’

Oliver Daddow, in a December 2006 BISA conference paper, said of the same book:

‘Peter Anderson and Anthony Weymouth’s ground-breaking work on press coverage of British European policy during its Presidency of the EU in 1998 is essential reading…’

With regard to his (with Geoff Ward) 2007 book on the future of journalism in the advanced democracies, Brian McNair, writing in Volume 30 of Media, Culture and Society in 2008, said:

‘Taken, together, the book presents a major new contribution to the field.’

In a back cover review of the same book in 2007 Bob Franklin, the editor of Journalism Studies and Journalism Practice, said:

‘This book poses significant and timely questions about the complex and shifting relationships between journalists and politicians in modern democracies. The answers provided by the distinguished group of contributing scholars and journalists are original, illuminating and thought provoking.’


Dr. Peter Anderson, Emeritus Professor of Journalism and its Political Context

A selection of Peter’s books:

(with George Ogola and Michael Williams, eds. and contributors) – The Future of Quality News Journalism: a cross continental analysis, New York, Routledge, 2013.

(with Geoff Ward, eds. and contributors) – The Future of Journalism in the Advanced Democracies, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2007. This book has now gone into translation twice. ISBN – Hardback: 0-754-64404-9. Paperback: 0-754-64405-7.

(with Anthony Weymouth) - Insulting the Public? The British Press and the European Union, Harlow, Longman, 1999.

The Global Politics of Power, Justice and Death, London, Routledge, 1996, hardback and paperback editions. This book has now gone into translation twice. ISBN - Hardback: 0-415-10945-0. Paperback: 0-415-10946-9.

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For a full record of Peter’s publications please refer to the publications page of this profile.

For a selection of his conference presentations in recent years please refer to the adjoining External Activities section.

For a summary of the achievements of his PhD students please refer to the publications page.

Current Research Projects:

The prospects for the future of quality news journalism.

Quality monitoring methodologies for quality news journalism.

Political journalism, with particular reference to the EU.

external activities

Peter has been used as a research consultant by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, among others.

Joint-guest editor of the September 2007 issue of European Studies.

Peter has also been used as a referee by a number of leading international academic journals and publishers, including Journalism Studies, Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, the European Journal of Communication, the Journal of Common Market Studies, Ashgate Publishing, The Open University Press/McGraw Hill and Routledge.

A selection of conference and other external paper presentations from the period 2002-2011

‘The EU and new media’, Arts and Media Faculty Research Conference, University of Chester, February 2011.

(with Clare Cook)’ The EU as seen by new media in the UK - a different world or more of the same?’ Demokrati konferanse, University of Oslo, January 2010.

Participant in panel discussion on democracy and new media, Demokrati konferanse, University of Oslo, January 2010.

(with Clare Cook) – ‘EU Online Coverage’, The European Union and the Media conference, University of Leiden, October 2009.

(with Paul Egglestone) ‘The development of effective quality measures relevant to the future practice of BBC news journalism online’, Future of Journalism Conference, University of Cardiff, September 2009.

(with Aileen McLeod) – ‘The Great Non-Communicator: The European Parliament and its press and information directorate’, paper presented at the June 2003 Europeanisation of Public Spheres conference at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung. This was the opening paper for the conference.

‘Nationalism as prime mover or mask? The mediation of the EU by the Eurosceptic press in Britain’, paper presented at the July 2002 8th International Society for the Study of European Ideas (ISSEI) conference in Aberystwyth.