Nigel Garratt

CPD and Development Lead

School of Medicine

Harrington Building, HA111

+44 (0) 1772 89 4551

Nigel's role has a massive overlap between the Academic Development and Business Development Directors, and looks into developing growth activities, with a civic and anchor focus. The key is developing quality products that meet the needs of internal and external businesses.

Full Profile

In all of Nigel's roles within Higher Education and specifically at UCLan, he has been required to identify and exploit ‘profitable’ opportunities. These roles have predominantly all been orientated towards both the development and management of innovative/entrepreneurial activity including teaching, consultancy, research and commercial projects. Nigel has accrued significant experience in roles such as Head of CPD and CPD, CPD and Development Lead and Academic Lead whereby he has achieved growth in activities by thinking and delivering differently.

Nigel has brought that experience and history of growth activities and diversification of income base into his role for CPD and Course Development within the School of Medicine, he leads on the fulfilment of the academic quality assurance requirements for all programmes in the School.

To date Nigel has successfully revalidated all of the Schools current provision (undergraduate and postgraduate) and the development, approval and validation for eleven new postgraduate programmes, the franchise of one of our undergraduate programmes and numerous CPD events and commercial projects. Within this he has significantly assisted and contributed to the annual and periodic monitoring and review requirements for our existing programmes and Nigel has represented the School on many committees (faculty ASQAC, ASQAC, CPC, Academic board.) He also acts as Chair for the postgraduate module and programme boards.

Additionally, he takes the lead on providing pastoral roles within the school and consequently leads on the School's interaction with the relevant central services. At the request of the PVC and Executive Dean of the Faculty, Nigel has led on the business development, planning, approval and implementation of the new provision in Optometry, and the ongoing development of new potential provision areas.