Lorraine Radford

Prof. Lorraine Radford

Emeritus Professor in Social Policy & Social Work

School of Social Work, Care and Community

Harrington Building, HA306

+44 (0) 1772 89 3831


Lorraine Radford is Emeritus Professor in Social Policy & Social Work. Her research specialism is the prevention of gender based violence, abuse and sexual exploitation towards women, children and young people. 

She is a founder member of the Connect Centre for International Research on New Approaches to Prevent Violence and Harm and of the Lancashire Research Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change. 

Full Profile

Lorraine Radford retired from the University of Central Lancashire in 2019 and has been appointed Professor Emeritus in the School of Social Work, Care & Community.

Lorraine's research interests over her career within academia, government and non-governmental organisations include:

  • the epidemiological study of the prevalence and impact of violence against women and children;
  • the overlapping aspects of different types of violence and abuse;
  • domestic violence, children and parenting, particularly challenging mother blaming;
  • safe child contact arrangements;
  • gender, crime and violence;
  • effective prevention and responses to domestic violence and sexual abuse.

She is currently involved in research to inform the work of international programmes to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation, online and offline.


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