Dr. Jonathan Sinclair

Senior Lecturer/ Course Leader MSc Sport & Exercise Sciences

School of Sport and Wellbeing

Darwin Building, DB217

+44 (0) 1772 89 2796

Dr Jonathan Sinclair is course leader for the MSc in Sport & Exercise Sciences and is research active within the Centre for Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences (CASES) research group.


Full Profile

Dr Sinclair obtained his PhD in Biomechanics here at University of Central Lancashire and teaches across a range of courses and modules within Sport Exercise & Nutritional Sciences. He is research active in sport & exercise biomechanics, and his research interests primarily involve exploration of the effectiveness of a number of conservative treatments for a range of different sports injuries.

Dr Sinclair is also a passionate teacher of both sport and exercise sciences & statistics and incorporates his research interests, expertise  and theory into the modules that he delivers.

  • PhD, University of Central Lancashire
  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science, University of Central Lancashire
  • Pg Cert Nutrition, University of Central Lancashire
  • Pg Cert Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, University of Central Lancashire
  • Pg Cert Research Student Supervision, University of Central Lancashire
  • Higher Education Academy, Senior Fellow
  • Science Council, Chartered Scientist
  • British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences, Accredited


Effects of a Prophylactic Knee Sleeve on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Loading During Sport Specific Movement, Journal of Sport Rehabilitation.

Influence of a knee brace intervention on perceived pain and patellofemoral loading in recreational athletes, Clinical Biomechanics.

The effect of minimalist, maximalist and energy return footwear of equal mass on running economy and substrate utilization. Comparative Exercise Physiology.

The Influence of Minimalist and Maximalist Footwear on Patellofemoral Kinetics During Running, Journal of Applied Biomechanics.

More publications


Kinetics and kinematics of human movement

Biomechanical modelling

Footwear biomechanics

Statistical analysis

Ergogenic aids


Course Leader: MSc Sport & Exercise Sciences

Module leader

XS4000, Research Methods for Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Sciences

XS4418, Skills in 3D motion capture

XS4900, Research project, Research Project for Sport, Exercise & Nutritional Scientists

Module tutor

XS3100, Applied Biomechanics

XS1100, Introduction to Biomechanics in Sport


  • British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences
  • Higher Education Academy
  • Royal Statistical Society
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Institute of Mathematics & its Applications